What does it mean when your cat "huffs" at you?

He does it sometimes, like a breathing out sigh-kind of with an attitude. what is he trying to say?
My kitty, Tuna, does this when she is angry or frustrated with something. She makes it quite obvious when she is not pleased with us or another kitty in the house,lol. It has always reminded me of a teenager coping an attitude, lol. Cats are so funny! You have to love them!!
My cat does it when he is mad at us, when we've done something to offend him. He also walks away and turns his back on us.
My cat used to do this. I never thought she was doing this to us though, just clearing her nostrils or releasing a lot of air.
Mine does this when he thinks it is bed time and we aren't in there with him. He sulks, huffs, and pouts until I get up and go to bed. Then he crawls on top of my head and goes to sleep.
He's spitting at you to let you know that he wants to be left alone, or possibly because he was startled. When your cat does this, just leave him alone till he settles down a bit, otherwise he may bite you, and then you can cuddle him to reassure him.

Some cats do this more than others. I have one who spits because he's easily startled, and one who only spits at the other cat. (He's a little jealous.)
I'm not sure what it means, but my pregnant cat who is expecting anytime has started doing this, just this morning.
My cat does this - it's normally when my other two cats are around and I pick her up. She hates being held when they're around 'cos she really hates the two of them, and they tend to chase her around a lot - I guess she doesn't like feeling trapped when they're there.

Basically I think it's just a noise of either anger or fear, but I could be wrong.

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