Why do cats put their paws over their eyes when sleeping?

soo cute.
'Cos it's so so cute .. i think my cat George does it 'cos i get on his nerves touching him and prodding at him 'cos i love him so much ... i think it's dispair :)
probably for protection as it is the most vulnerable part of their body?
i had a kitten and it used to do that... its sooo adorable! i think they do it so that light won't disturb they eyes.
to get away frm ur uglee face
to keep out the light and because they know it makes them look cute
I don't know why they do it but it's cute all the same.
their hiding... hehe
Nature's way to protect their eyesight. Don't forget they are not allowed to have guide dogs!!
For much the same reason we do -- to keep out the light.

Yet there is an added little trick they do when putting their paw over their eyes. If you look, they have the paw far enough up that it doesn't interfere with the cat's whiskers. This insures that one of the cats primary systems for keeping "alert" to its environment isn't compromised. While sleeping a cats hearing is heightened and their whiskers are also playing a role -- a cats whiskers are so sensitive they can detect movement in a room up to 25 feet away.

So while very cute and adorable you cat is still very aware of what's going on in its environment. Pretty cool!
Isn't that adorable??I <3 it!

I believe its to keep the light out of their eyes.It's like people who don't like sleeping with the lgihts on!(like me!)
To block out the light
my cat does this and i think its so sweet, she just lays there with her paws over her eyes and i think it is why we do it, to keep the light out of theri eyes.

she also lays on her back which is really funny with her legs straight. haha and loves having her belly stroked like a dog...

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