Can i use peroxide on my cats cut?

my cat was outside today when she be ready to come surrounded by i opened the door and partly her face be bloody and her paw was bloody.we do hold racoons but they only come up at darkness.wht was bleading be her top of her nose across from her corner of her eye.can i use peroxide on it?
Answers: Yes, peroxide is without doubt safe to use on your cat - it is past the worst to use several (3-4) times a day; we use it adjectives the time at the animal hospital. Do Not dilute! Peroxide does not "eat" the skin; it simply cleanses the wound, it does Not burn - unless there is already a serious infection starting or it get directly in the eye, do Not use surgical scrub; even if you could obtain a hold of it - which is unlikely without veterinary credentials, Do NOT use over the counter saline solution - except to wipe up the eye itself, DO not ever use homemade salt solutions!! Unless you are underneath Veterinary care and monitoring, and are following Veterinary instructions DO NOT adlib!!

Around the eye and across the muzzle dip a Q-Tip in peroxide and apply directly to wound - avoid direct eye contact - it will burn if get directly in eye (but unless it is deeply, permanent interrupt is a minimal risk, but do contact your vet if this happens). As for the paw, saturate a cotton globe or Kleenex with peroxide and squeeze onto wound or if kitty will sit still long ample hold the paw, wound side up, and pour peroxide directly out of bottle onto wound.

Once peroxide is dry apply Neosporin to the wounds - DO NOT use ANY other brand or generic formula, even ones with duplicate or similar ingredients have different ratio - Neosporin is safe the others are not!

You also call for to get your babe-in-arms into the vet as soon as possible, if you really think it be a racoon attack - that can be serious. If S/He got caught contained by a fence the peroxide and Neo are a honourable start but prescription antibiotics might be advisable.

Now, about letting your cat out, you enjoy just earn yourself a thirty-minute time out! Cats do not need to travel outside to have a pious life. Yes, they obligation adventure, but an inside environment beside a window; a scratch post; catnip; toys; a soft bed; daily human contact/love and plenty food and fresh water will be Utopia for them. Indoor cats hold a life expectancy of 18 - 25 years beside record setters contained by their 30's, indoor/outdoor cats have an expectancy of 8 -10 years, outdoor singular with human caution 6-8 years and feral/stray cats about 4 years. KEEP YOUR CAT INSIDE. Please!

Since your cat go out I also have to bring up vaccines. A couple of things you should know - kitten shots - FVRCP (basically distemper) requests to be given at 8 weeks and boosted @12 weeks and Rabies at 16 or 12 weeks - depending on your state law are essential. After that, when they are 1 year old achieve titres, if natural imperviousness is good; don't do anything, if it is low boost doesn`t matter what is necessary. If your cat go outside do a FeLv (Feline Leukemia) and a FIP test once a year and a FeLv vax. Keep within mind that FeLv and Rabies vaccines are known to motive cancerous tumors, which is why we give rabies within the right thigh, FeLv in the departed - if a tumor develops amputation is an option - providing it is caught soon ample and is operable. Also, FIP vaccines have be proven ineffective, don’t bother.

From now on hold your cat inside!! Treat the wound at home. Contact your vet as soon as you can - especially if kitty develops fever, the wound is still bleeding after a couple of hours; is swollen or discharges puss, you focus the cause is an animal attack and / or kitty's rabies vaccines are more than a year outmoded and you have not done a titre within the last 10 - 12 months.
You can use peroxide diluted 50/50 near water. Use a cotton bubble to apply and be careful not to obtain it in her eyes.
Only once.
Clean the wound next to it, then don't use it again. Peroxide "eats" the soothing skin which doesn't allow it to heal properly.

Use Neosporin, but I really recommend a vet. Cat wounds gain infected quickly and effortlessly, and she may have be exposed to Rabies, or any number of cat diseases.

Good luck.
Use a mild salt dampen solution for the time being. Make sure to save an eye on the cut, it could get infected and may obligation antibiotics. It would be best to see a vet because of things like infection and disease (rabies, etc.)

Good luck!
Do you ever want to pet your cat again? Peroxide burns. I wouldn't, I would use phisohex (spelling, I am sure) or some sort of surgical scrub that won't burn. Saline solution would also work to flush the wounds next to. Not the disinfecting solutions but pure Saline or you can make your own.
Use a corner of a hose rag or cotton ball or Q-tips to wash the wounds near. Really it is whatever she will stand to hold done is what you are going to get to do to her. That is if she is even going to permit you touch and clean any of the cuts.
I would put some triple antibiotic rub on it and take her surrounded by for a tetanus shot and get her some antibiotics. I would also ask the vet in the order of the possibility of rabies.has she be vaccinated for rabies?
Most ethnic group don't think roughly speaking vaccinating their cats for rabies consent to alone their horses.but I vaccinate the horses, cats, and the dogs for rabies..
So verbs her up as best you can (she should do the rest) and put antibiotic ointment on the sores and help yourself to her in for shots and antibiotics contained by the morning.
She probably won't mess with a raccoon anymore after this.:O(
Hope she is better within the not give her any aching relievers of any kind.
A diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide would be protected however you really need to transport your cat to the vet. Cat wounds become infected rather vigorously and abscesses are throbbing and never fun for the cat. Also, since there is a cut close by the eye, there could also be a score on the eye. which can be irritating to your cat. Finally, you should have your cat tested for graceful leukemia and FIV. Both diseases are easily transmitted especially from cat bites. I know it's greatly to worry just about but the sooner you take your cat to see the vet, the cheaper the bill! And your cat will be much happier!
It could hold been a argue with a wandering cat contained by which case it could bring back infected. Cat wounds on other cats often consist of high scratches from claws or puncture wounds from teeth. Biting from another cat can motivation abscesses.

Most indoor/outdoor cats are pretty resourcefully vaccinated against diseases so I am assuming that yours is as powerfully. Cats are also incredible self-healers and do so far more easily and fast than humans or dogs.

The Red Cross suggests warm marine or a saline solution of 1 tsp salt to 1 quart sea for flushing minor wounds. It sounds like a small wound but beside quite greatly of blood so maybe near are more wounds elsewhere. If the wounds aren't deep, you can dry them past its sell-by date after cleaning them and try a bit of antibiotic ointment on them.

I would also save your cat inside until you can figure out if within is a roaming animal out there. I would be justifiably concerned about a feral cat but really concerned just about something like a coyote or an off-leash dog.
If you own other cats around then it be most likely a cat
combat. If it was done by a raccoon AND contained by the day, You may
own a big problem. It should be a big red flag when we see
wild enamels shifting there behavior. Raccoons, skunks,
and opossums really seldom move around by day. Any of
them could own rabies. 50 50 solution peroxide and warm
marine once. It should be only slightly above lukewarm when
applied. Cats antipathy cold water. A vet may know how to tell
what injured her. If you cant pocket her to a vet, you should be
sure to watch her closely. First sign of rabies is they stop
drinking marine completely and change of behavior. Please
want the advice of a vet. Good luck.
Yes, hydrogen peroxide is out of danger for cats. Don't use it near her eye however. Just use a q-tip.

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