Why does my neutered cat hump one of my blankets?

my cat is neutered but he humps my blanket and he does it when ever my door is open. why does he do this.
I've read that in some cats it may be a manifestation of stress, a way for the cat to calm itself - but I honestly think some cats just do it because they enjoy it. I have a male cat who was neutered promptly at 6 months of age, yet he humps stuffed animals and small pillows if I leave them on the bed, and he sure looks like he's having a good time while he does it.
Well my dog does the same just because thier neutered doesn't mean they will stop.
Your cat probly doesn't even know that it was neutered and he's just doing his regular thing.
It will start to stop as he gets older.
probably because he was neutered late.
there are a few possible reasons depending on the situtaion:
if he was neutered recently then the hormone probably isn't out of his system yet, and a few months he should stop
if he was neutered later in life (after 6 to 8 months) then he has already learned the behavior and will continue doing it (kinda like if you had a cat that sprayed and you got him neutered to make him stop then he would probably just keep spraying after you got him neutered because he has already learned the behavior, taking away the hormone which causes the behavior does not stop the behavior if the behavior is already learned and become a habit)
the only thing that neutering does besides prevent pregnancy is to prevent unlearned behaviors like humping and spraying in young cats...if you wait until after they learn to do this and it is a habit then the only thing that neutering does is prevent pregnancy period. They'll still do the behaviors that have become habit like humping and spraying.
I wouldn't worry about it---just give him a special blanket or stuffed animal and when he starts tring to hump things encourage him to hump his "special toy"
good luck and hope you don't have to explain this to any young children (my girl friend had the same problem with her three year old un-neutered cat and her four year old daughter!)
hey, just cause it cant reproduce doesnt mean it cant have fun!!!!
My dog was neutered and he does that all the time. Sexual need
Although neutering removes the major testosterone stimulus by removing the testicles, the cat’s brain has already been exposed to these hormones and to a certain extent “programmed” to react in a macho-male-kitty fashion. Therefore, some cats continue to act out mating behaviors – mounting behavior and sometimes marking/spraying – even after they’ve been neutered. Behaviorists say that cats in this category are known to mount other males, non-estrus females, kittens, even humans—or inanimate objects! Cat breeders tell me that retired stud cats often develop this behavior after they’ve been neutered, and may pester the other cats outrageously.

However, this isn’t always a sexual behavior. In many cases, the mounting behavior and mock-mating ritual is more a dominance display, especially when the target of the cat’s -–ahem—“affection”—is another cat. Basically, he’s throwing his weight around to show the other cats he’s the boss. It could also be triggered when the cat becomes frustrated by other cats dominating him, or by major changes in the household. Rather than taking control back by spraying urine around the house, he uses the mating behavior.
My male cat does the same thing and I can't say that yours will stop when he gets older as my cat is now 7 almost 8 and still does it to this day. He's a guy .and that's my best answer.

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