Cat lost his uper fang what should I do?

he eats next to no problems so I think, I see him at his bowl and I hear him crunch his dry food, once a afternoon he also shares a can of food with his brother. he is 9 years outmoded and we had him since he be 6 wks
Answers: Treat him the same as you other have. The fang are instrumental in a blustery cat who has to devour critters for food and for protection from other animals. In your cat's case, he hasn't get those worries. Just keep him inside if you can. He'd probably still be fine within a fight, but those fang are a handy weapon.
What did the vet say?
So long as the lower fang aren't punching into the flesh on the upper jaw, he should be ok, they adjust their bite to compensate for missing fang.

If he is wounding himself, a vet can file down the tips to blunt them. We almost have this done for one of ours, who broke a lower right canine, then have to have his upper departed canine taken out due to a large cavity hole within it. But he adjusted and stopped jab himself with the alternate teeth.

Lack of fang won't interfere with how he eat, a lot of cats devour just fine short any teeth even.
not to worry, my cat lost both of hers around 6 yrs dated and she still eats powerfully and many times I enjoy rescued birds and chipmunks from her. the few times I haven't managed to verbs the furry thing from her mouth, she chews and devors them. she is almost 13 yrs immediately and it hasen't slowed her down.
Feed him some canned cat food and phone call the vet for advice.
My senior cat have teeth on only one side and she have no problem eating hard/soft foods. Proper nutrition is the key factor. Any questions you own should be discussed with a vet so you are erudite about your pet's requirements.
Cats hold molars in the hindmost of their mouth for chewing food. Unless your cat needs to split flesh off another animal for food, he will be fine.
See the vet
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