My cat is pregnant she is massive now but i dont know when she is due?

she has big nipples and the fur has gone from around them she is very restless wondering all over the house does anyone know any info that can help me this is her first litter
Gently put your hand on her belly or side. Can you feel the kittens moving around individually? If so, she will go into labor any time now. Also, is she purring a lot? This is another sign. He wandering about the house is a clear indication that she is looking for a careful here, because she will seek out a place that is away from noise and people, but you want to keep an eye on her so you know where she and her babies are. My cat had one of her litters under my dresser in the bedroom! How she fit under there being so big, I'll never know, Best thing you can do right now is put together a box for her to have her babies in. You can do this with any box, just put some old towels or a blanket in there and show her where it is.ideally, put the box in a room that has little people traffic and in a corner. Maybe even in the back of a closet if you have room? Or, take a box, cut a "door" in it, put the blanket or towels on the floor under it and put the box upside down to make a little "house" for her. This will give her lots of privacy and security as well. All cats are different though, when mine had her first litter she was very scared and wanted to be close to me.she actually had her babies right in my bed, first thing in the morning. Just keep an eye on your girl and try to know what she wants.
Also, do NOT try to move her once she goes into labor.
And this part may gross you out some, but when she has her kitties, she will clean them one by one by rupturing their sacs and letting the kitten out of it. Gross part is that mama has to eat the sac. :-/ It's nasty to us, but it is part of nature, so she is doing what she needs to do.

Good luck, and congrats, "Grandma"! :)
Cats' pregnancies normally last for about 4 months. Since you probably don't know when your cat actually became pregnant, you should look for the signs. One of the major signs is the one you described (wandering around restlessly). Cats do this to find a place to have their kittens. In a couple days, you cat should have her kittens. If she doesn't have them within 2 weeks, I would take her to a vet, there may be something seriously wrong.
If you get too worried about this, go see a vet. But I would suggest giving her another couple of days. Make sure that she has a nice quiet place to give birth, and make sure that she isn't too active. The restless wandering is most likely her trying to find a nice spot. If this goes on for too much longer, though, you really do need to get her to the vet and find out if there are any complications, and how long it may be before you have new kittens. Good luck!
Gestation period typically runs from 57 to 69 days, with the average of 63 to 64 days. She's probably looking for a place to have her kittens. They like a place that is covered so that they feel safe having the kittens as well as protection for her kittens. Get a box or something that she would feel comfprtable having her kittens in, but let her discover it on her own. Cats are prone to move their kittens if they feel threatened. Not knowing the bond between you and your cat, she may or may not want you around when she is giving birth. If she trusts you then that a different story. I'd say by the description she could have those kittens at any time. Keep a watchful eye on her. Good Luck Also keep her indoors (if she's and indoor/outdoor cat).
this is what you do, go to google and type in "pregnant cat" you will come up with stuff or check this link
Hi, if you know about the time she conceived count 63 days. That is the gestation period for a cat. If you can get a box and put some old blankets or something in it. Put a little catnip in there also to get her interested. That will give her a place to have them. She's getting very close. Once she starts going into labor do not try to move her so if you could get her used to a box I would. If she starts having any trouble call your vet and they will walk you through helping her as long as there is not a problem. She should be able to do alot on her own.
She should be due very soon. Keep a close watch on her so if she has problems you can get her to the vet asap. Kittens are wonderful so enjoy!

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