What is wrong with my kitten's belly?

My 4 month old kitten recently spent a weekend with my parents. A day after she came back I noticed that her stomach had grown outward on both sides, significantly. It looks like she has two small apples protruding from her sides, near her back leg joints. I am concerned because she is tiny and the masses are rather large. Also, since I've noticed this she has been more tired than usual and not very playful. She is eating and using her litter like normal. Any ideas? The vet isn't open until Monday and I'm a bit concerned. Thanks!
She might be pregnant. Is she an outdoors cat?
Could be the kitten needs worming, but it could be a abdomen full of fluid..like in FIP. I hope not, but you really need to see the vet ASAP!

Why would you let a 4 month old unspayed female kitten outside???.
Call the vet. There is always someone on call at the vet for times when they are not open.
your parents either fed her to much or she got pregnant if she's not fixed then yeah
It sounds like it could be worms, but there are possibly lots of things that could be causing this. Take her to the vet first thing on Monday, but if, at any time during the rest of the weekend, she stops eating or using the litter box or has a hard time breathing or anything drastic like that, take her to an emergency vet right away!
Definately VET as soon as possible.

Touch her belly gently. Does it hurt her? Doe she cry or shy away from the touch? Are the masses hard or soft? Is she vomiting or does she have problems using the bathroom? Is she extremely lethargic or just a little tired? Watch her closely over the weekend.

It could be something simple, like worms or parasites, or it could be a blockage (which is VERY serious and could kill her). It's almost impossible to reliably diagnose a pet over the internet. Definately vet her as soon as possible. I wish you the best of luck.
That is definately not normal. She should be fine until monday just make sure she acts normal(eating, bathroom, etc..)
sounds to me like she has worms have you checked her poop closesly and just so you know if she is still eating and drinking and using the restroom its probably not an emergency so she will be ok till you get her to vet on mon.
Sounds like worms. The vet will probably deworm her. She'll be fine. Good luck!
could be intestinal parasites, a tumor, she could be pregnant or have FIP. I would definitely contact your vet ASAP to have your cat checked out
1. you could consider that she is eating too much for her stomach to handle and it is doing weired stuff to help keep it from coming back up.

2. you also could consider that she had eaten somthing at your perents house that was soft and furry (kind of like her belly) and when you touch it , it doesnt hurt her because its too soft to course her pain .(my kitten ate her favrote fluffy toy and acted like nothing was rong )

3. you also could consider that she is growing tumors that may not be effecting her yet !! (i really hope that not the case and seeing that you said it wasnt hard and that it didnt hurt when you pushed then this might not be the case ) but its still an option.

4. there have been records of animals being born with one of there brothers or sisters inside there belly (it is dead) and that it groes as the animal grows its very very rare and doesnt normally happen to cats or dogs !! but thats also a possibilty

but if the masses are bigger than her head or if they grow as big or bigger than her head you must get her to the vet as soon as poss

hope shes ok !


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