Why does my cat act like a dog?

We had a kitten who was rescued (he was apparently deserted - took us three days to catch him!) at approx 4 weeks, then raised with 2 dachshunds; he acted more like a dog than a cat, always wanted to be walked when they were; we ended up having to get him a leash! Could be the early socialization he got?
WOW - just read the previous answer and he IS a Maine Coon cat!
my best friends cat does that.she plays fetch!hahahahah.well that's their personality i actually think it would be cool to have a cat that acts like a dog it would e amusing
Because you treat it like one, and/or think it's its behavior is similar to a dog, and/or wish you had a dog so you're compairing your cat to a dog.
Because it is part Maine Coon. Their meows can sound like barks, they prefer to be in your lap most of the time, they like playing fetch and they enjoy the water. Make sure to give your cat a trim, just like you would a long haired dog this time of year.
She probably thinks she is a dog if she is in a house with dogs.

My cats fetch, run to people when they come in demanding attention and other things not associated with cat behavior.
They copy the dogs.
Norwegian Forest Cats, Siberian Cats, and Maine Coon Cats, all act kinda like dogs.
both of my cats play fetch. then I got a dog and I think that he learned just by watching them :) Some cats are just different like that, they each have personalities and it's what makes them so special.
My cat is exactly the same and she is the only pet in the house.Shell even climb in the tub with me and lay on my stomach.I have to chase her around the house and play hide and seek.Cats all just have different personalitys i guess.
Lol, every cat has it's own personality. We call my cat the bulldog, because he acts like one, but he hates dog. Cats are much smarter then some think, they remind of furry humans, with way more Independence. Hey at least you have a clean cat!
Holy hell, my roommate's name is Sable. Anyhow, my cat thinks he's a dog too.. plays fetch and loves tummy rubs. I love cats that act like dogs and dogs that act like cats, haha.

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