How long should I wait to let my cat outside after moving into a new place?

She REALLY wants to go outside which means she is mad at me at the moment so she is using the bathroom in the house instead of the kitty litter. I have been there 1 week on Saturday, is that too soon?
Don't make it an inside cat, if the cat could choose she would be an inside/outside cat.

When we moved to our new home, in the morning we put our cat outside in her cat carrier for the first two weeks. She would sit watch the bird and get her outside experience.

In the evening, we would take her for walks around the yard to familiarize her with the house and location.

I always reinforce the coming back in with a nice positive treat.

Our cat's curfew is close to dark. Good luck.
no that is fine, i let my cat out the day after i got him and hes still here with me so 1 week is plenty wait
lol tharts a good one, maybe you should go outside with her and try to "present" the space and she will know what to do
About a month, but that would still be risky.
Make it an inside cat!

If you need any help with an insided cat
e - mail me and I can help!!
no its ok but i would go out with her the first couple of times or at least sit by the door so she can find her way back a time or two..then she will be fine
No, no. the cat is not that dumb. Put its food dish outside with a couple of morsels in it by the backdoor as well along with the cat. It knows where the supper dish is and will keep that in memory. (you can still feed it inside). The cat will not run away.
That's a NO NO. Go outside with her a couple of times. "hint" take some treats with you. Cats are very smart animals, she will catch on. TREAT them like kids
If the yard is fenced in its OK but my friend moved (still in the same town) and her cat walked a VERY long way from the new house back to the old house. So it might be better for you to stay with her out side for a while till she gets used to it.
Actually, right now would be the puuurfect time to convert her to being an INDOOR ONLY cat. It is a proven fact that indoor only cats live much longer, healthier and happier lives. There is really nothing "out there" for a domestic house cat to get into except trouble--diseases from other cats, chased by dogs, run over by passing cars, etc. And, is she spayed? If not, having her spayed may stop this going to the bathroom in the house. Have you never litter box trained her? It is NOT difficult to do, but you MUST keep the litter box clean or, YES--she will find somewhere else to go potty. Think of it this way--would you use a public restroom with pee and crap all over the toilet seat and the floor? A cat is even MORE "picky" and clean than we are when it comes to their litter box. So, you may have to start all over with this if you've never litter box trained her. Your best bet is to use Cat Attract clumping litter in the beginning. After she gets the "hang" of it, you can switch over to a less expensive brand of the clumping litter. Don't use the clay-type of litter because the urine runs right through it and just lays there on the bottom of the litter box stinking everything up. Best of luck to you in your new home, and best of luck in converting your kitty to be an INDOOR cat.
The outside world is too dangerous for cats! They get hit by cars, get into things that poison them, get in fights with other cats, and other animals. And for pity's sake, please tell me she's spayed, and has all her shots!
If you must let her out, please build a cat-friendly run (that means enclosed top, too) to keep her safe. You can buy them pre-made from, that's a supplier of reasonably priced pet products. You can also probably find something at a larger pet store, or make your own, if you're handy.
I take my cat out with a figure 8 harness and lead! I got some odd looks from the neighbors when I first moved here, but they got used to it. You can easily get your cat to cooperate, you just have to let her do the leading whenever possible.
On days when I can't do that, I open the sliding glass doors, but keep the screen closed. That way, they enjoy the outdoors without the danger. Do you have a deck or porch you could screen in? That makes a great "playhouse" for the cats!
Please don't let your cat roam the neighborhood unsupervised! Even if she avoids all the other dangers, she could get picked up by animal control, or someone else thinking she's a stray, and you'd never see her again. The life expectancy of an indoor cat who's well cared for is well into her teens. Many make it past 20! The average lifespan of an outdoor cat is 3-4 years! You choose!
Your cat may be confused by the new place, that could make her upset and pottying in the wrong place. You must thoroughly clean up her accidents, and saturate with a product made for that purpose (available from any pet store), or with white vinegar, to remove any lingering odor. If she can smell it, she'll be inclined to repeat it. Use "Indoor No!" or a citrus scented cleaner, or citrus peels to keep her from re-visiting a spot. Most of them hate the scent of citrus. If she keeps going in a particular spot, move her litterbox there, if at all possible.
If she can smell a previous tenant's pet, she'll be inclined to mark her territory to prevent the other animal from coming back and ousting her. If the carpet wasn't thoroughly cleaned before you moved in, that might be your problem.
Make sure your cat knows where her box is, and keep it clean. If you have to, keep her confined in a small room with it, her bed, food and water, when you aren't home, or can't watch her. She won't like that, but she'll be more inclined to get back in the habit of using her box.
Whatever you do, keep her inside, or confined to a play area, to keep her safe! Good luck!
UGH YES!!! She can get lost!!
She really wants to go outside because she is not aware of all the dangers awaiting her out there.

You really shouldn't let your cat go outside ever. In a lot of cities, it is illegal to let a cat run wild & the owner will be fined.

She could get stolen, tortured, killed, poisoned, run over by a car, shot by a cat-hater, get seriously injured in a cat fight, beaten, sick from eating bad food, etc.

She wants to go outside because she doesn't know any better. You do. You know better so it's your responsibility to protect her.
The more time you give it the less chance of the cat not coming back.
I would give it at least three weeks, then one week with you outside as well so she can be supervised and helped.
Don't give in just cause she's mad - be safe rather than sorry.

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