Found a kitten outside, what should I do?

She's very cute and quite friendly. My dogs almost ate her but I brought them inside. Its raining out and since my dogs are inside and they seem intent on killing her I don't really want to bring her in the house. I gave her some dog food soaked in milk and a box so she won't get all wet. What else should I do?
I've done the exact thing a few times now and my dogs love to munch on little skulls, too! Keep her warm in a box out of reach.. it's OK to close the box as long as there are air holes. Put her on a dresser in a bedroom and don't let your dogs in there. Call your neighbors and try to find a no kill shelter. Don't send to a pound though, they tend to put animals down too quickly. Try asking friends if they will help care for it until you find a proper home. Good luck and thanks for caring.
take her to a pet rescue center
Stop giving her milk and take her to a shelter.
take her to your room and close the door so the dogs wont get her. dry her off with a towel. if she stays out there in that cold/rain she will die. if you want to keep her for now id give her milk or baby kitten formula u can buy at a petstore. just keep her in ur room.
If you live near me in Texas, CALL ANIMAL CONTROL! A whole family is having to go get Rabies shots from a baby kitten the found and took home.It's been on the news. ( just in case you don't believe me )
well dont leave the poor thing outside for Christ sakes. Bring her in and separate her from the dogs.

Keep her and teach the dogs not to kill it or take it to a humane society center or adoption center. They will take care of her until she can be adopted.
Dont give her milk it can interfere with her health. Find a cat rescue that can take her. Meanwhile, get kitten milk from the store it comes in a can. If she's old enough to drink on her own that will help. Also Kitten chow would be good for her also comes in a yellow box.
try to find it a home
Take her to a vet to get her checked out and if you can't keep her, put up lost and found posters.
Sometimes it takes a while for dogs and cats to get used to each other. Introduce them slowly if you want to keep the cat. Remember, you are, what they say, the Alpha person.
And, btw, don't give her dog food and milk, unless the is really really hungry.
take to the vet to see if healthy!
well, if your dogs don't get along with the kitten, you should take her to a shelter. if you don't want to do that, and cant keep it, see if someone you know might want her.
Bring her inside! And keep her in the box (line it with a towel!), put her in a room with a door, and shut the door. It doesn't sound like you can keep her, so I'd give her to a local animal shelter along with a donation. The donation isn't quite necessary, but it will help her find a home. If she's cute and friendly, she'll probably be adopted. I have to go cry into a pillow now about the plight of animals in this cruel, cruel world now.
DO NOT TAKE HER TO A ANAMNAL SHELTER. THEY WILL KILL HER. Put up signes around your neighbor hood.
Take her to a Rescue Shelter not the SPCA . The SPCA will destroy the kitten within the week if no one claims it.
well keep her away from your if you want her take her in and keep her ina room away from the dogs

if you dont want her take her to a no kill shelter

put adds in news papers
I would call the Animal Control Officer. They can help you in this case. When they call you, you can ask if they have a "no kill policy" which our area one has. If they do kill in one week, take the advise and try to bring the kitten in and post signs around. I just had this problem with 4 babies and a stray mother. Was a horrible experience, but they all have good homes and are healthy now. Good luck!
Please don't take her to an animal control shelter where she may be euthanized (killed).

Instead take her to a Humane Society in your area. You could even call a shelter or resuce to take her. If you don't know of any in your area go to and do a search for rescues/shelters.

Oh, and don't give it a lot of cow's milk. If you can go to a PetSmart and pick up some kitten formula for her to drink if she isn't able to eat anything else.
well if you ask me the kitten must be freezing hello you have to take the poor thing inside then dry it off and let me tell you i have been in your situation i found a kitten in my yard and it was wet and cold and starving it was beautiful shade of gray and had blue eyes except one of her eyes was injured so i took her gave her some water and a little basket for a bed kept her over night and after it stopped raining i took her to the shelter but in your case find a box/ basket and put her in it and keep her in your room with some yarn or toy and when the rain stops take her to the shelter good luck and HAPPY HALO WEEN AND DID YOU KNOW HALLOWEEN IS MY BIRTHDAY
I think you should take it to Animal Control they will treat it nice and with love and when someone is ready to adopt it that cat will sure be happy to be loved and not sick and cared for.Toodles
i think someone already owns it.

if not, then take it to the animal shelter.
well i know you might be sad but mabey sometime you can take it to the pound?

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