My cat ate a moth?

Last night I was on the computer and my cat came up to me chasing a moth. She caught it, ate it (the whole thing, wings and all) and when she was done she looked up at me and licked her chops. That's so gross! Is it going to hurt her if she keeps eating these bugs?
My cat LOVED those little white moths that appear in spring and early summer. He was the kind of guy who would chase other insects or play with them, and sometimes, blessedly, would kill some (like cockroaches), but the moths, he ate and loved. I used to take him to this plaza where they would cling to the warm windows on cool nights. When I would see one on the window, I would lift him up to it, let him bat it into motion, then set him down so he could chase it -- and eat it. He found them delicious, I guess. And, yes, he ate them wings and all. I guess I didn't find it especially gross, because it seemed perfectly natural. And they never hurt him at all. Unlike rodents, a moth can't have consumed poison, so the potential for damage that way is negligible. And it's probably good protein. Don't worry about it. I think it's okay.
It shouldn't hurt the cat unless it eats a poisonous bug, but most moths are not going to be poisonous in any way.
Not unless she eats a known poisonus bug, like a monarch butterfly. Moths are pretty harmless.
few bugs eaten by pets is okay, as long as it is not poisonous, or very dangerous kind that stings. So don't worry!! And keep a close eye on your kitty
good luck ;]
She's just being her natural hunter self. It won't hurt her. When I was a kid, I actually used to feed my cats moths and other insects.
Remember, cats are animals. They are predators. it's their nature to hunt and kill.
No, it's ok for them to eat bugs. Wait till she kills a mouse and gives it to you to eat. That's the highest form of affection for a cat Seriously.
Quite normal, and won't hurt her. My cat ate everything. He even came home with a baby bunny one time( we lived in the woods, so it was a wild rabbit), to show his momma what he caught!
Nope, my cat used to catch bees hold them down and rip the stinger out and eat them like a delicacy very often. Cats are wierd, just let them be.
It will not hurt her.
No your cat should be fine I've caught and ate lots of moths over the years and nothing has happened to me And my Doctors even say so
Your kitty licked her chops simply because she just enjoyed a tasty little snack. She'll stop once her tummy is full and/or there are no more flying insects available for her to pounce on...and, there's not too much you can do about it.

Even we humans, if lost in a jungle for example, far away from the nearest MacD's, could make a meal out of the local insect population and thrive very well on it.lots of protein...yummy!
Ha Ha, cute. I watch my cats eat these huge moths all the time and because they are so big and probably quite filling, I refer to them as roasts.
of cource not, moths flies and alot of flying things that she will eat and should eat, are like a steak to her. they love it. it will not hurt her. my cat does it all the time. don't worry.
nope, you can't stop it, it's in their nature. may cat kills & eats the spiders in my house - thank god since i HATE them- and hasn't hurt him. think of it as a protein source :)

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