How long do male cats that are not neutered go outside for?

We have a 7 month old male cat who is not neutured and he has been gone since May 11th. I just wanted to see how long they normally go out for. This is his first time outside out of our backyard.
Every cat is different. There is no set amount of time that cats remain gone. I know you must be worried. Have you thought of keeping him inside or perhaps building him an outdoor enclosure so he can't roam off?
Check the road. He should have been home by now.
I once had a cat to be gone for about 1 1/2 weeks. He is probably chasing girls out there, it is the season. If you get him fixed he will pretty much stay around the house.
Cats usually don't stay gone that long, they usually some home at some piont to eat. Someone may have took him or god forbid hes dead.
Unneutered male cats have a tendency to run off looking for a female to mate with. They can smell a female in heat for 2 miles. Hopefully he will find his way back home. If he does you may want to get him neutered so this doesn't happen again.
Until he gets lucky
Male cats that are not neutered should not go out.
He's sexually active, and fighting. maybe he lost the last one. If he returns, get him neutered. When they go out, they come home smelling of P(i) sss and torn to shreds. Get him neutered, hon.
Why did you let him out if he's not neutered?

Male cats will roam as far as they need to to find a female to mate with, so he might never come back. I'm not saying he won't, but you've really risked losing him by doing this. Besides, he'll be out impregnating some poor female cat and contributing to all the homeless kittens.

Please get him neutered if he comes back. Quite apart from stopping him reproducing you'll be protecting his future health.

At about age 6 mos. or thereabouts, unneutered male cats that are allowed outdoor access will begin to roam & seek sex partners. This is very dangerous for them tend to get into fights with other make cats which is a primary means of disease transmission. Also, they may wander to far & become lost permanently, or may get hit by cars, injured by dogs, or injured by people who don't care to hear cats mating outside their windows at night. PLEASE, if the cat returns get it neutered & keep it inside only ! It will live a longer, healthy life & will be less trouble for you. NOT:, unneutered cats will begin to "spray" urine around your home to mark their territory. Male cat urine smells horrible & you can't remove the odor well. If you don't have much money, check into low-cost spay/neuter clinincs in your area - contact Humane Society, SPCA, vets etc. for information. It is your responsbility as a pet owner to protect your pet & not allow your pet to be a nuisance to others.

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