How long does it take a cat to adjust to a new home?

We just got a cat from a family in a town near ours a few days ago. he's hidding and will not come out. he's about 2 years old. when you try to hold him he get a bit nasty and scratches you very badly and runs away the lady also said he tends to bite. how long is it going to take him to adjust? should we give him back? (the lady seems to be willing to take him back)
He is frightened and confused about his new home. You don't go into the circumstances surrounding his loss of former companions either human or animal.

It is really tough for him now. If you will get a bottle of Rescue Remedy from the health foods store tomorrow you can shake the bottle well and put three or four drops on a small cloth and put it where he is hiding. You should refresh the drops on the cloth three or four times a day.

That will help him a great deal with his emotional stress and adjustment. DON'T try to hold him now. Let him work it out for himself. Just put his food and water and litterbox in a room where he can be by himself. When you change the food and water or empty his litterbox just talk to him softly and reassuringly, giving him as much sympathy and support as you can and welcoming him into your home.

ALWAYS let a cat come to you and don't attempt to "force" your attentions on him. Patience is the key. Somehow I feel he wasn't handle well in the other home so give him a good chance. I don't think he will be a "biter" and could well turn out to be a most loving kitty.
you gotta keep trying if you really want the cat. he's just as scared as you are. keep trying, don't pick him/her up until he/she gets a little more used to you and your family. just be patient.
mind you, our cat was a lot younger when we first got him, but he took a few days before he would let us hang out with him. we just tried to let him be the boss of when we would associate. Good Luck.
Im not very sure about that but but sooner or later heis going to probably be part of the family because what i know is that unlike dogs, they dont love their owners as much as dogs so its about time that the cat gets used, just feed him well and get him to feel comfortable with the rest of the family, right now it must be really hard for him cus he is going through alot like even when you get a kitten and your taking it somewhere, you see them starting to freak out and they start scratching you and stuff although they're only 7 weeks old and they dont have a home that they will live in 4ever yet so i think its about time and he will eventually just gonna have to understand that you are his new family i guess but just treat him well and pet him alot and i think that you shouldnt pick him up often maybe cus he isnt used to get picked up by random people like my neighbours cat doesnt let me pick her up but she lets her owner so good luck! Catch you later :)
Cats take a few days to get adjusted to a new house... they need to sort things out. Where the safe spots are, where the food is, where the litterbox is, etc. They will come out eventually, so don't worry... this is normal.

If this cat is already growling, scratching, and biting you, though, I'd seriously think about taking it back.

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