How much does it cost to amputate a cats left back leg?

recently my cats foot got mested up and i feel horrible and i know wer're going have to does anyone know how much it costs?plz this is seriously important

We had to have our cat's broken leg fixed around a year back and it cost us around lb300 - I would imagine an amputation would be a similar price, or maybe a shade more.

Too late now I know, but its seriously worth getting pet insurance for just such a thing - worth a thought for next time.

Good luck to your Moggy Cat - hope it all works out OK.
Euthanasia is only $30.

Take it easy. I'm just teasing. I have cats. It's just a cute
Ask your local vet for an estimate, then shop around other local vets that you know are reputable. Prices vary from town to town/state to state. Good luck, and don't delay seeing the vet, for the kitty's sake :-}
i dont really know but it was like 75$ to have my cats tail amputated
I had to have my cats back left leg amputated this past summer because of bone cancer. The actual amputation was $375.00. But, the anethesia, medication, and hospital stay came to a total of about $600.00. That didn't include x-rays and tests to find out she had bone cancer. The x-rays were about $50 a piece.

This may give you some idea, but I'm sure it depends on what state and city you live in and what vet you go to. I live in Oklahoma and I'm sure there is another vet in the same town that it would've cost twice as much. If you don't have a regular vet, I'd definitely call around and ask for an estimation on prices.

Also, if you don't have the money, ask if you can pay it out. I was able to give my vet a couple of post dated checks to pay it all out. You never know until you ask. I hope everything works out for you and your kitty.

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