Why does my cat pee in her water dish, and occasionally poop in the food dish?

Even with a completely clean litter pan she does this. I can't understand it, can someone give me a little insight, please?
You have an unhappy kitty. Change the brand of food and the location of her food dishes. Put her litter box where the dishes were and choose a new location for her food and water.
sounds like a crazy cat
you haven't shown it where it litter box is .. out the cat in the litter box and carefully scrape it paw along the litter .. this gives the cat the sigh where its supposed to wee and pooh .. do this every so often and they should get the hang of it but if its an older cat it should use the soil outside but still try using this method :)
Take her to the vet. That is very strange behavior. If our cats pee or poop somewhere they're not supposed to we move their food there to stop them.
Are you home a lot and giving her attention?

My cat used to pee on my bed when I didn't come home... cats can be spiteful.

Or, maybe she doesn't like the type of food you're feeding her??
Maybe she thinks that the food is poop and the water is pee and has decided its the right thing. She is a cat, so she can't be all too knowledgeable about why we put the food and water into the bowls, maybe she did it accidentally onece and the idea stuck? Anyway, you had better break the habit fast or you'll have to relocate her food to her litter bin!
If you have the food and litter in the same area maybe you should seperate them ... afterall we humans don't eat in our toilets, cats don't like to either. Maybe are hinting at somethere.
I agree with Rob B, this is strange behavior. Cats will often use outside the litter box to let you know something is wrong. Please call your vet and get her in asap. If she has a urinary track infection they are painful and she wants relief from it. Since she is doing in her water and food dishes, I would say this is extreme, so please get her to the vet. Good luck with her and I hope it is not too serious
seems likeshe thinks the food dish is her litter pan you will have to buy a new bowl and place it in amother area of the house and then get a new litter pan or move her old one to where her food use to be. if this is any area were you do not want her litter pan clean the area with vinager and baking soda. (do not mix together) the vinager smell will drive the cat away from that spot and the baking soda will give it a good clean.

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