What does it mean when my cat rubs his face against mine?

I know it's affectionate, and he is usually purring when he does it, but I was just wondering if there was any other meaning to it?
However, there is one instance in which we can be sure that a cat is giving us an affectionate greeting, not simply stamping us with a scent that tells others, "this is mine." If a cat rubs your face with its own, caressing its nose against your upper cheek and forehead, then you have just been granted a cat's highest form of approval. This is how one cat greets another, so if it happens to you, you have just been named an honorary member of that cat's family.
It's their way of snuggling and telling us they love to be near us.
This is just how he says I love you. Cats are very affectionate and they love to show you that they love you.
I don't think so...he's just showing affection. It's kind of like a cat "hug."
If he is butting his head on your face, it means he is marking you & that he loves you.
It just means that he loves you and he wants to have attention. It isnt a bad thing. I love cats and I do alot of research on them. I have alot of them!
Sylvie always rubs her face up against mine when we spend the night together. She comes under the covers when the mornings are cool. She also rubs her cheeks on the books I am reading before going to sleep. Maybe she was some sort of literary critic in a former life!

Cats have scent glands in their cheeks and like to mark things in their territory - they feel they own everything there and that includes you.
That he LOoooves you, and he could also be spreading his sent on you (claiming you as his). it really is just that. :)
It means he is attracted to you. Cats in the wild rub faces as a part of their mating ritual. So yes, he "loves" you.
When your cat does this, he's marking you with his scent. Every cat has scent glands on their face, and when they rub their face against something it gets scent sprayed. Humans usually can't smell the scent, so don't worry. Cat's use their scent to keep other cat's away and show that they love you. I have two cat's and whenever one rubs my legs, the other one comes around and rubs right on top of his. I think it's an honor really...
he is telling you he loves you and loves that you are taking good care of him
Cats think they own you, in a manner of speaking. He is claiming you as his and no cat else's. There are glands on the side of his face that rub special oils with his scent that rub off on you. But cats will purr even if in pain. This circumstance probably means he's happy, though. :)
Just means that he loves you and if he rubs his cheeks against you he's marking you as his. Just snuggle him and love him right back. :)
he's telling you that he loves you as his owner and he is also showing you that you are his owner and no one else's
The only other meaning that a cat rubbing its face against yours has is that your cat wants attention, but for the most part, it's just an affectionate gesture, on the cat's part.
He's giving you some sugar. I love when they do that.
Your kitty is marking you and making sure that all the other cats know that your his human- Also, cats have glands near the corner of their mouths that excrete a marking scent (don't worry us humans can't smell it :-) ) That's why your cat rubs head first or rubs the corners of the wall.
a definite meaning to it.. They have special salivary glands under the side of the mouth and they are marking you with it. Its a form of making you part of their clan...
no there isn't my cat does it to me they just do that no reason
ur cat is tellin u he loves u as well as hes markin u as his. my cat does this all the time as well as she licks my face. they also do it 2 get attention.

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