Do cats know their owners??

Do cats know their owners?? Well my sister's cat thinks im her babystitter and comes to me for all her kitty needs. How can i get her to go to my sister? I get too much love from this cat when my sister doesnt get enough!
With cats, you don't own the cat, the cat owns you. Do they know the people they pick? Oh yes. And will learn about everyone else in the house, and also frequent visitors. When my sister and I were little, all my puppies went to her, and I hated that. But then, all the cats came to me. Which I loved. Face it--the cats have chosen you for their own. Get sis a puppy and see how it goes.
You're funny. Animals choose who they love and trust.
Ha, she's got you pegged. You're in it now, may as well throw in the towel and accept your fate.
Or get a squirtgun.
Cats are very clever and perceptive. He knows which side her bread is buttered.
Cats know their owners, they look at them as a source of food. Yummy goodness. If you don't provide yummy goodness they will not like you anymore. I think if you were all of the sudden 3 inches tall, your cat would paw you for a while and then eat you. It's a hard fact of life but cats really don't care. They like you, but if you were an easy kill, they would still paw you to death.
Of COURSE cats know their owners. I have several, and some prefer my husband over me. They are like people in this way. Maybe your sister doesn't give the kitty enough attention, so she feels she needs to go to you for love. You can't force the kitty to love your sister.
Cats know their owners, but pay the most attention to those who take care of them. Your sister should feed and care for her cat, and the cat will come to her.
cats are different than dogs. the cat chooses it's master. cats are very independent. dogs perfer the person that feeds and cares for them.
People react differently to different people. The same is true with animals.

I do believe that animals know their owners, but it does not mean they are close with them. (ie an owner who abuses their animal)
of course they know them..i think she likes you not you sister.
I guess you're just a warm and loving person which is why the cat is so attracted to you.
There are certain ppl who animals are just naturally attracted to and you're one of them.

Your sister should spend more time with that cat, feed, bath, pet, it.
Regrettably, some cats pick their owners.
If both of you are living in the same house- and you are the one who takes care of the food/water/litter, chances are the cat is going to see you as the PROVIDER and respond accordingly.
You can try to not give the cat as much attention and pets while sister needs to increase her attention to the cat. Maybe have sister be the only one to dole out the special little cat treats.
How attached is sister to the cat? How much attention does she give it compared to you? Cats usually respond to the one who gives the most loving. You can see if the cat will bond more to sister if sister starts providing most or all of the loving.
If she doesn't mind the cat tends to hang with you, I think you've just been adopted!
Hi's choose their favourite people, since they own people rather than the people owning them. However they can be easily persuaded if they are not painfully shy of people in general. Consider using shaved bonito flakes--no cat cannot refuse these very healthy treats.
Cats like their owner & family not others.
They are faithful only to their keepers.
of courseeeeee
In all reality, when it comes to cats, you don't own them, they own you. Didn't you know that cats rule the universe? Think about it.
They don't work.
We feed them when they are hungry.
We give them water to drink.
We clean their toilets daily.
We brush their hair for them (long-haired ones anyway).
We take them to the doctor when they are sick & we pay for it.
We scratch under their chins and behind their ears when they want it.

Seems to me like we are their slaves not the master.

But I love my Chloe!
Unfortunately, cats tend to choose who they want to be their guardians (if they are presented with several humans to choose from). Am afraid you're IT as far as the cat is concerned. For example, all the cats I have ever had chose me to adopt. :)
Cats aren't owned. Cats do the owning.

The feline in question appears to have selected you to be her b!tch, irrespective of the insignificant human choices that have been made regarding her fate.

And basically you have two choices:
#1. Bend over and assume the position.. i.e. do what the cat wants and be its b!tch.
#2. Defy the cat and earn her undying ire. hoping that it will eventually realise that your sister makes a better slave than you.
get your sister to play with the cat and you push the cat away if it comes to you
my cats even know my walk outside of the door.they know my look everything.they choose who they love by who feeds them and treats them the best !!
Sounds like the cat prefers you. I have a cat named Peddles. She won't have anything to do with anyone else and get mean with them if they try do anything with her, but with me she's as loving as a teddy bear. Animals choose who they love. Sounds like your sister needs to find a new pet.
Yes cats do know their owners. Our cat even knows our vehicles and if she is outside and sees us coming down the road she starts running toward the house to meet us.
Do cats know who there owners are you do not own a cat. They own you. My cat knows i am her mom i feed her and so on. She wakes me up on even my day off. Come on you have to get up and feed me.She does not like my sister. She runs from her voice.

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