Why is my female cat peeing all over the house?

I have a female cat and she is not spayed yet. She's had no problem peeing in the litter box until now. She has just starting going in to heat like every two weeks so I made the appt. to get her spayed. But she is peeing on everything!! Is she marking her teritory? Is she doing this b/c she's in heat? Will she stop when I get her fixed? How can I get her to stop? PLEASE help! I love this cat and I don't want to have to get rid of her..PS>..any smart comments WILL be reported. I don't need to hear the blues of how I'm such the horrible person cause my cat isn't fixed yet...I KNOW and I'm getting her fixed next week. Thanks
Your first step is to check that the litter box is clean and that the litter is "fresh". (Even freshly-scooped litter can turn nasty if it's been there for awhile.) Female cats can be very picky about having a clean litterbox.

The next thing to do is to get her fixed ASAP (as you already know). :-) Cats in heat are absolutely unbearable with their yowling, peeing, and rolling on everything. She should calm down after she is spayed.

In order to prevent her from peeing in the same spot in the future, try using an enzyme cleaner such as "Nature's Miracle" to completely get rid of any trace of cat pee. Cats are like dogs in the way that if they smell traces of urine somewhere, they'll use the spot again. Be sure to get the good stuff, since (when it comes to truly eliminating any trace of pee) you get what you pay for.

Good luck!
It will stop when you get her fixed!
yea i think she does that because she is both in heat and trying to mark her territory in hope of a male sniffing her scent and mating with her... but there is no male. cats just do that esp. females. but i think it=f you get her fixed it will help and she will stop
Go to PetVideos.com and go to litter training, sorry, thats all I got, or you could try the Vet if this doesn't answer your question.
Whatever you do, don't let her outside!! and yes the peeing and funny dance should stop after being spayed. Good luck!
your female cat is doing something that i believe is called "spraying"...and yes, it definitely has to do with her coming "in heat". once she has been spayed, she should stop this behavior.
Well, yes...she is marking. I would immediately clean all of those surfaces with a neutralizing cleaner you can get at any pet store. Next, I would keep her isolated in one room with all of her necessities until you get her spayed. This way, she will only have one room to deal with and the litter box will be right there. Clean everything, take her to get spayed and then when she comes home put her back in the room so she can relax and recooperate. By the time she is roaming around again, her scent should be gone and she should stop spraying. Just be patient. It does take a couple of weeks for the hormones to readjust. Good luck!
Getting rid of her would be like selling your kid for wetting the bed.
It's most likely a urinary tract infection, that mostly causes this sudden change in behaviour. Have your vet clear any physical causes, then look at beharioural issues.
Please have her checked for a bladder infection. If it is a while before your apt. to get her fixed, don't wait. Take her in right away . Cats do that when they have bladder infections.. Many cats are taking to shelters because it is seen as bad behavior ,when actually it is an infection. kitkatz06

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