What temperature (in the house) do cats prefer?

I've always kept the temperature pretty low (55-60) in the house, ever since I've had my 2 kitties (when I rescued them at 4 weeks old). I hear them sneezing a lot and I don't want them to get sick. Funny thing is, though, when it's warm outside (like at 75) and I turn on the AC the cats run to the vents and hold their faces over it LOL to cool them off I'm guessing.

So have they just adapted to the cold and like it? Or do cats as a species like warmer weather? Why are they sneezing all the time? They don't appear to be sick at all. Everything looks normal and healthy. Even at their checkups, the Vet says so...
It depends on the breed of the cat, but low to mid 60's would probably be ideal for most mid-length hair cats. And you don't have to worry about them getting sick from it being too cold in the house - felines (and every other living being) get sick from viruses and bacteria, not from air temperature.
Cats like the weather, no matter what. They don't mind heat, or the cold. During cold weather, they curl up in a warm comfy spot. In heat, they spread out and plop on the floor to get the coolness from there. Lol. I know my cat is like that.

Yeah, so...the sneezing could be that it may be a bit colder than they like. If they aren't sick, that is fine. Not sure what else to tell ya. Lol. ;-)
smaller kittens need warmth but as they get older then they'll pretty much like the cooler weather due to their coat.
Whatever is in your house should be fine. Cats can comfortable handle temps up to 120 degrees, which is how they can lay in the sun under all that fur. I don't think cold is making your cats sneeze. I think they just like the air too. It doesn't mean they're hot. Cats have adapted to their climate over time. I wouldn't put a cat to live outside where it gets cold in winter, but for the most part they could still survive. Cats can get cold, but it'd have to be a lot colder than 55-60 F.
This may sound funny but they might have an allergic reaction to something like dust, or a cleaner or a candle something like that. Cats are wearing a fur coat and are rarely freezing. If they hide their nose under something like a pillow or their paw while sleeping they are cold but just feel their nose it usually will tell you. Warm they are fine wet and cold maybe an allergy. Good luck.
I think you are probably fine at any temperature, cats adapt to their environment and are probably used to it being cooler in your house. If they are sneezing a lot that could be a sign of allergies.
if the sneezing starts to sound mucus-y rather than just a quick puff of air, get him to a vet. My cats tend to sneeze more when they are together, i think its because they play and get their faces in each others fur. As far as temp. goes, my cat seems happy when the house is cooler.
Cats are very adaptable. Different cats like different temperatures, but as a general rule any temperature that humans find reasonably comfortable cats are perfectly fine with. Sounds like they are used to cooler temperatures, but a bit warmer isn't going to hurt them unless it goes over 85 or 90.

As far as the sneezing goes, it sounds like there may be some kind of allergens in your house or possibly the heating system. Also, if you have short-nosed cats (their faces are like Persians) they are more prone to respiratory problems.
i keep my house at 78 degrees and my cats seem perfectly comfortable
My cat loves the warm weather and likes to go outside when the air conditioning goes on. i think cats each have their own preferences...like people do.
Cats are decedents of desert ancestors, so they like it a little warmer than us, about ten degrees. Check out this site, it's great


hope this helped
Good rule of thumb. If it's to cold for you it's to cold for them. To hot for you to hot for them.
Sometimes cat just sneeze my kittens sneezed lots when they were younger and the vet said that everything was fine. If they start having a sneeze with yellow mucus from their nose that's when you should take them to the vet and they might need antibiotics. That's what happened with one of my cats. Other than that the sneezing is nothing to worry about.

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