How old should a kitten be before...?

1. How old before separating from the mother?
2. How old before eating dry cat food?
3. What should I give it before dry cat food, wet food?
4. How old should it be on it's first trip to the vet for vaccines, shots, etc...
1: i would say 8 weeks is best but most people do it at 6
2: at 5-6 weeks
3: wet food with some dry mixed in.
4: about 8-12 weeks
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1. 8 weeks minimum
2. 4 weeks. You can also feed wet food then.
3. its mothers milk. If there is no mother, then you can feed it kitten formula.
4. 8 weeks it should go to the vet for its first shots.
1- About 8 weeks old.
2- You can get dry cat food for kittens, but 3- if not, just normal kitten food..sachets etc. Our kitten eats tuna.
4- Take them to a vet whenever you can, just to see if there is anything wrong with it or just a check- up to make sure it's well.
1. 2 months--pretty sure
2. 12 weeks gradually switch over like --25 percent dry and the rest wet..then slowly put more dry in
3. wet food yes
4. 3-4 weeks
1) At least 6 wks, 8 wks is better
2) 9 wks
3) Kitten chow found in the cat food section.
4) 6 wks.

Kitties are so cute at that age!
1. 8 weeks
2. 8 weeks (wet is better)
3. Wet food
4. 8 weeks
1. It should be seperated from the mother when it stops drinking the mothers milk.Best is 8 or 6 weeks old
2. Well first after it stops drinking mothers mlk you should give it wet food with water or milk. 8weeks old is best.
3. You can give it dry food after it gets used to eating food wet or dry.idk sorry.
4. Well you should bring it to the vet a few weeks from when it was born so you can check if it was born with a certain problem.5 or 6 weeks

Hope I Helped Alot!,

1. For an optimal socialization, kittens should at least be allowed to stay with their mothers for 13 weeks, preferrably even 16 weeks. One of my kittens that stayed kept on nursing with her mom up until 20 weeks of age ;) They'll do so as long as mom allows them to.

2. They'll tell you themselves. Just have it ready from about the age of 5 to 6 weeks. Thet'll copy what mom does.

3. If you're the one weaning them:
As a start you could give them some KMR (substitute kitten mik for hand-rearing) mixed with canned food. Offer at body temperature. (Small kittens cool down quickly, and cold food is hard on their stomachs) Mix in a little more canned food every day to allow their digestive system to adjust. Watch their stools, if those become runny, you're changing too fast. Start offering the mix from about 4 weeks old, I always try from my fingers or a teaspoon at first- it'll take them some time to understand. Don't give up.
When they're ready to leave their mom (point one), they should be able to eat any type of cat food.

4.Depends on the vaccines that are mandatory in your area. Best to check in with your vet for this.
They can be dewormed if they reach 500 grams (at about 5 weeks)(sorry, don't know the conversion) for a total of 3 times before they leave their mom, but again, check in with your vet for the proper medication, doses and frequency.

Good luck with your kittens!
A kitten should be between 8 and 10 weeks old before you take it away from its Mum!

When you start feeding the kitten here is a rough guide!

3-4 weeks: The kittens should be ready to begin eating solid foods. At this time you can begin to give your kittens soft canned food mixed with warm water to form a gruel.

5-6 weeks: Most kittens have developed teeth and are ready for an active transition to solid foods. Since the mother may not nurse them as much as before, you should provide them with an alternative source of food. Try feeding your kittens soft canned food without diluting it with water. This will help them have an easy transition into a diet of other solid foods.

6-8 weeks: Once a kitten begins to eat solid food exclusively, it is ready to be removed from its mother. This usually occurs between six and eight weeks of age. Try not to remove a kitten from its mother before it is at least six weeks old, though some kittens may have to be removed earlier due to neglect and health problems. Consult your veterinarian if you are unsure about the condition of your young kitten.

By the time the kittens are ten weeks old, they should be feeding solely on kitten food.

Kittens should have their first injections by 12 weeks!

I hope this helps you out, congrats on the kitten!
1. How old before separating from the mother?- About three days.
2. How old before eating dry cat food?- About a week old
3. What should I give it before dry cat food, wet food?-Yes
4. How old should it be on it's first trip to the vet for vaccines, shots, etc... -Right away.
i dont know, but for 3. is, ya, wet food.

getting a kitten?
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let the vet decide most of it but 8 weeks for separating it from mother

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