My kitten has raspy breathing. Is this normal?

We just adopted a 4 month old kitten from the humane society. We have had her for 9 days. Since about the 3rd day, she has been sneezing, has watery eyes, and a raspy breathing. She is able to eat and drink normally. What does this mean?
Sounds like your poor kitty has picked up a URI (upper respiratory infection) at the humane society and this is not uncommon. If you can't get her to a vet (for financial reasons), contact the humane society and they will check her over and supply you with the necessary antibiotics.
could be just a kitty cold (yes cats get them too at times) but I would take her to the vet to check her out.
Sounds like it might be an upper respiratory infection. It can be common for kittens to have them a few days after they come home from the humane society. Take her to the vet for a check up. They will probably get her on some antibiotics. Don't wait too long, you don't want it to turn into pneumonia.
She might have kennel cough. Ask a vet to examine her...Best of luck.
Believe it not, many kittens are born w/ chlamydia that they pick up from their mama's vaginas as they're being born. This often sounds like an upper respiratory infection, and is sometimes misdiagnosed as such, too. They usually need to go on antibiotics. And with babies, I don't mess around. Straight to the vet's and straight on meds. if that's what the vet says to do. Our beautiful black baby, Siddartha, had it when he came to us at about 6 weeks.
This means that you need to call the Humane Society right back, and take your kitten back to them for their vet to treat her for a respiratory infection. The Humane Society certifies that all animals are healthy when you adopt them. If she just came down with this 3 days after you got her, she had already been exposed to "something" while she was in their care. If they try to "brush you off" (I doubt that they will), push the issue--this is on THEM to treat this kitten. Best of luck to you in getting her well, and NO--this is not normal.

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