How do I know when my cat is done having kittens?

Most cats will have them all pretty close together. After the first kitten is born..she will clean it up and get it to eating...this is normally when the 2nd is born. Nursing stimulates contractions to get those babies out. Fill her belly does it fill like any are left? You will fill lumps.even like little balls. Has the stomach size gone down or is she still pushing or acting in pain. If you notice anything not normal get her to the vet. Cats should not have any problems delivering like dogs do.
It isn't uncommon to have a "morning after baby"

Then.. when there have been no babies for 6 - 10 hours, take her to the vet so they can check her uterous.. with the kittens so the vet can heck them for health as well
Leave her alone. Cats have been doing this for millenium without human obeservation or intervention. Most cats prefer privacy.
Adopt a wait and see attitude...there are too many variables to know *exactly* when she is finished. Usually when the kittens settle down and mama cat has a relaxed presence.

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