Will Frontline for fleas still work if I applied it in the wrong spot?

I just put some frontline plus on my cats who have a flea problem. The directions say that you need to apply it between the shoulder blades. Well I didn't quite it between the shoulder blades.. more like on the front side of the cat. I tried getting it between the shoulder blades but midjudged..it's hard to tell because my cat is so hairy! Anyway, will Frontline Plus still work even though it wasn't applied in the exact spot it was supposed to be applied?
Yes it should work fine. But if you want to know the name of a REALLY good flea killer for cats is a shot called "Program" It cost about $55 dollars but it is totally worth it! And if you go to the vet and tell them to give you a capstar pill..they are even better they kill EVERY FLEA on the animal within 15 mins. So why dont you try that too!! Good Luck!!
yes it will still work BUT you have to keep an eye on you cat becuase if the cat ingests this stuff your cat WILL get very VERY ill! so keep a real good eye on your cat!
I believe they ask you to put it between the shoulder blades for the simple reason that it's nearly impossible for them to lick that area, therefore do not run the risk of ingesting the chemicals, while grooming themselves.
It should, as long as you got most of the dose on the skin - I wouldn't put another dose until next monthe also - they mainly want you to put it on the backside of the neck area, sos the cat doesn't lick at it. Hope this helps.
It should work fine, they say to put it in that spot cuz its harder for the animal to reach it and ingest it.
Just make sure she can't lick it off, but it will still work.
My mind is still trying to wrap around the concept of "the shoulder blades" turning into the front of the cat. Be that as it may...

It will still work; however, you must be very careful that the cat does not lick it off, or it will make him quite ill.

You must also apply it to the skin: in other words, part the hair.

If you need to, bathe him in COOL water, wait a couple of days, and try again.
Should be fine, I never get it on the exact area on my pets either. In fact, I usually put it in several areas on their backs and necks, especially my big dog. It's my understanding, the meds work with the animals body oils, and that's how it gets distributed throughout their body. That's why they say to wait a few days before and after before giving them a bath. I think they say the shoulder blades, because then the animal can't lick it in that spot. Guess it makes them start foaming and stuff at the mouth.
It will work as long as you made contact with the skin (seperate the fur).

The reason they tell you to put it there is to prevent the cat from licking the poisons, make sure your cat can't reach where ever you've put the poison on.

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