Why does my cat poop on the couch?

I've had this cat for 13 months and she has been pooping in her litter box since but now she poops on the couch i have punished her for doing so, this was her second time now i want her to stop how can i? her litter is clean i don't know whats wrong with her
The answers above are good. One more possibility is she might be constipated, especially if the poops are small and dry. I had a cat who was always constipated and she started pooping outside the litter box, I think because she was so frustrated at not being able to go, and she somehow associated that with the litter box. (She would still pee in the box.) Her pooping on the floor was not a problem because the poops were dry and I just had to pick them up with tissue and flush down the toilet.

Anyway, it would be a good idea to take kitty to the vet to make sure there is not some physical problem. Good Luck!
I would check to see if you moved her litter to a different spot suddenly, she could be upset, and is letting you know this to get your attention.

Try to put her litter in a place where she has HER PRIVACY to do her business, this way the cat isn't disturbed while doing their business.

Good luck, mi amiga!
Cats are very particular about their litter box. Sometimes they will stop using it for a few reasons. These are the most common- did you switch brands of litter recently? Did you move the box? If none of these happened she may not be feeling well so a trip to the vet may be in order. Also to remove the smell of the poo try using a product called nature's miracle on the spot this should remove the smell. Good luck
Number 1 - make sure you clean out the litter box every day, maybe even twice a day, so it's clean. Some cats will not go in the litter box if it's too dirty.

Number 2 - If your cat is not fixed, take her to get this done. She may be marking territory.

Number 3 - How are you punishing your cat? Yelling doesn't work. Best thing is to spray her with a water bottle, and if that doesn't work, add a few drops (only) of lemon juice.

Number 4 - Make sure you are cleaning the mess up thoroughly - if the smell is still there she is more likely to repeat.
First, punishing animals does not work. They live in the here and now.

Second, what have you changed in her life? Did you move? Did you move her litter box? Did you put something near her litter box?

Try putting her in a bathroom with her litterbox and some food and water. See if she will use the litterbox. If she does, then put her in a room and see if she will use her box. But leave her in the bathroom for at least a week.

Sounds behavioral. If the room change doesn't work, take her to a vet.
Its convenient. I mean, why get up and go all the way to the litter box when you can poop right there on the couch and have your human clean it up for you. In all seriousness though, the other answerers are right...you might have changed something recently, aren't cleaning the litter often enough, or your cat may be sick.

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