Is Mucinex undisruptive for cats?

My cat has a congested chest. My friend's dog have the same point & when she took him to the vet, he put the dog on children's Mucinex to loosen it up. Has anyone ever tried Mucinex for their cats? Is it safe?
Answers: A cat near a respiratory infection needs to see a vet. Respiratory infections can effortlessly kill a cat. It's not similar to a cold in humans. It can be thoroughly serious.

Dogs and cats are not the same and don't counter the same to medication. Never give human drugs to pets short the advice of a vet.
I would give the name your vet...dogs & cats cannot alwats take indistinguishable things & also due to size difference there may be a descrepancy as to how much to givce your big is your friends dog? Is it larger tahn your cat? If so after you REALLY need to gain a vets warning to 1) make sure cats CAN within deed give somebody a lift childrens mucinewx & 2) find out what an appropriate dose would be so as not to overdose your poor kitty....things like that can execute our pets
You need to know WHY the cat sounds congested until that time you give it anything. Cats are VERY different from both humans and dogs. Just because it sounds similar, does NOT be going to it's the same thing-in certainty, it probably isn't, since cats and dogs don't share diseases. See the vet before you do anything else.
Never bestow a cat a medication made for humans!

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