How can I clean cat urine off of a down feather comforter?

Try Urine Gone, you can buy it at Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond.
Works on pet & people stain and ordor. It comes with a "stain Detective" a black light. You darken the room and turn on the black light and the stain will glow. Then you saturate the stain with urine gone.
Let it dry.
This works or new and old stains, on washable services and fabrics. Its SAFE in pet areas and around the house.
I used it on a very old and stinky cat urine spot on my carpet and it works, and it not expensive..
Hope that helps.
Go and ask in a pet shop! maybe they have an idea. My cat peed in a leather had to be thrown away!
depends on how bad it could have it dry cleaned maybeif its realyl bad or you could just spot clean it with a cleaner that gets rid of animal can get that at walmart or a petstore.

or, if your having inlaws down that you dont get along with just spray some fabreez on it and give it to them to use..HAHAHAHA
the best thing you can do , drop it to the garbage . I know what Im talking about , i have 3 cats . The smell never goes out.
Pet odor is protein based and cannot be eliminated by normal spot cleaning procedures. If the smell isn't removed so the CAT can no longer smell it, this will happen again. In order to remove ordro, you must use an enzyme product to digest the protein. Enzyme producets may be purchased at pet supply stores, veterinary clinics, and janitorial supply sotres. Two that are suggested are Outright Pet Odor Eliminator or Nature's Miracle.

First, blot away as much liquid as possible. Then spray wtih enzyme product. cover the treated area with plastic or put blanket in plastic bag to make the enzyme stay wet long enough to do it's job and remove the smell. Leave plastic 24-48 hours. Don't peek.

Uncover it and allow it to dry.

If the blanket can be washed (which I doubt since it's feather) run it through the washer normally. If not, then take it to the dry cleaners.
take to the place you bought it or a pet shop or something just get it cleaned.
Wash it in cold water and hang it out to dry.
This is going to sound a little strange, but go to a discount store and buy a couple of boxes of liquid douch and apply to the affected area, than wash in cold water and dry on the gentle heat cycle. I have had many down comforters and have never ruined one by washing it myself. It's silly to spend the money on dry cleaning. I three cats have have had the same problem on furniture, carpets etc. Also if you have a tennis ball, throw that in the dryer and it will fluff the down. Be patient, you can correct this problem.
First separate the affected area from the dry area with a rubber band or two, so you won't get "wicking" back into the clean part of the comforter. Then, if the spot is still wet, blot as much of the urine out as possible with paper towels. ( If the spot has already dried, use a black light to locate it - it will show up a different color) Next, completely saturate the area with one of the enzyme products sold at pet stores to treat cat urine. Work the solution through to the feathers - kind of the way you'd work soap through a sweater when hand washing. Then let it dry naturally - and slowly - for a few days. If it still smells, apply more of the enzyme product.
This has worked for me many times - with both comforters and carpeting. But, keep in mind the enzyme solutions are expensive, and sometimes it's just not worth the time, effort, and expense to save something. If there's any smell left at all, your cat will very likely re-visit the same area.

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