Can a declawed cat live w/ a clawed one?

My cat Charlotte is not declawed (and she wont be) and we have been offered to adopt a boy cat, Bobbie Socks, who is declawed. Charlotte is the only cat I have had so I do not know - is it safe for Bobbie Socks, the declawed cat, to live with a clawed one? Will she hurt him? Thanks!
Having never had a declawed cat, I can't say for sure. I think it would largely depend on whether they get along or not. Typically, cat's do not play with their claws out, so she shouldn't hurt him during normal play behavior.

If they do ever have an actual fight, there is a possibility she could. And because Bobbie has no claws, he may bite her. Declawed cats are much more prone to become biters because their first line of defense is gone.

If you are really worried that she may hurt him, you can always use Soft Paws on your clawed cat. They are vinyl nail caps that slide onto the nail. They are typically used for destructive scratching problems, but would have the same effect in your case - she wouldn't be able to scratch. At this point, I don't think it's necessary, though. Feel free to discuss this issue with your vet, as well. They would have all of the information you would need.
only one way to find out
They should be just fine. Make sure you trim Charlotte's nails on a regular basis and she won't hurt him. Cat's play with their nails in, not extended. I mixed declawed cats with undeclawed cats and I have never had a problem.
yes they can live together, but you need to think about some things first, what is her tempermant like? How long has she been the only cat? If she is one of those animals that is territorial and tempermental then you probably dont want to bring another cat (especially one who wont be able to defend himself as well) into her environment. You might want to try an interaction between the two on nuetral ground before bringing bobby socks home. If they get along well or are indifferent to each other then they should be fine, (they will have their ups and downs just like siblings but things should be ok overall) If they hiss and fight however, this is NOT a match made in heaven. Good luck.
Yes, they can live together. What will get hurt by the cat with claws is your furniture, doors, etc!
There may be aggression issues from the declawed cat, but if you take tyour time to introduce them and they get along, it may be fine with no problem.
It should be fine, as long as introductions are done carefully. This article explains how to best do the introductions:

If you're concerned about Charlotte scratching Bobbie Socks, then you can trim her claws blunt to prevent any injury - this page has instructions:
YES...cats fight with their hind legs..the front is just for holding on ..but I believe in de-clawing if the cat is an inside cat & destroying furniture, etc...otherwise too many end up hating the cat...& worse...many Spay & Neuter clinics also do this & alot cheaper then a all shots, etc...Peace & TC :)
Should be, provided you introduce them properly so that neither are too distressed. I have the same situation (both female) and they play pretty rough, but nobody has limped away yet.
And remember, the declawed cat still has teeth.
yeah no problem
male and a female should be ok !
I have a cat who was declawed when I adopted her. Sometimes I call her "Kung-fu Mama" because she will threaten another of my cats with her back foot.
My cat Lola is declawed and lives with my other two cats who are clawed and there aren't any problems.

There will be an adjustment period when you bring them together, complete with a lot of hissing and growling. It will take them a while to get used to each other and find a was to co-exist, but they will do it. It might take some time though.
They should be fine. They may wrestle a bit now if you see the fighting getting little rough you should separate them. In order to find out how they will get along together you should introduce them a little bit at a time. then you will know. but bobby socks should be fine.

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