Help.. house cat is licking & digging his fur out?

he is 6 yrs and very spoiled..our household routine has remained pretty much the same..his belly ,base of tail, hips and hind legs are very close to being bald. he has areas that feel like he has scabs under his fur. neighor suggested hot spots..what is that?
I seriously doubt it is hot spots. In my experiences, I have never known cats to get them. They are areas of the skin that have becomed irritated and the animal digs at them. They are usually sm to med sized, red, crusty, sometimes greenish yellow and pus covered, and hairless. I have only ever seen them on dogs, but I guess its possible in cats.

I have a couple of options for you to discuss with your vet about your kitty. 1. Diabetes. In the later stages of Diabetes, cats will begin to lose their hair and will start to lose weight rapidly. Your vet can do a Blood Glucose test to determine this. 2. Allergies. If the weather has changed at all or if you have changed anything, even if its a slight change (laundry soap, his food, new cleaning product, etc). The vet can do a test to determine if allergies and give a steroid shot if thats what it is. 3. Fleas. If your cat has fleas, he will scratch and itch at them causing him to develop bumps and hairloss. If this is the case, use a flea med from your vet (frontline, revolution, advantage) and deflea your house at the same time.

Hope this helps and I hope your kitty gets better!
My Cat Did The Exact Same Thing And If You Put Neosporin On It One A Day For About A Week Your Cat Will Stop,I Promise,Good Luck
could be mites.. I would try a stop itch shampoo, and put a margarine tub around her collar to stop her scratching and licking to give the affected area a chance to heal up.
i think ur dogs r sick i meant cat cause 6 year old is old for a cat
Maybe he has fleas or ticks.
Git raid of His files.
My cat has had this same problem for awhile now. He's been to the vet several times, and he's finally getting a little better. Apparantly, he was extremely allergic to fleas. We combed him, bathed him, and put treatments on him, but nothing worked. Our vet said that over the counter stuff does not work. Because he's overly sensitive, one flea bite is all it takes to make him go nuts. And once he starts, he can't stop because him itching only makes it worse. So, then he starts ripping his hair off and getting scabs from scratching and biting. Our vet gave him a dose of Advantage and he is finally getting better.
It could be from allergies.You really need to take him to a vet. It seems like the point you have let it get to could be considered neglect.because you aren't giving him the vet care he needs.

My cat has allergies and she used to stratch off all the fur behind her neck, her owners didnt want to mess with her so signed the papers to put her down, but the vet just declawed her and she is fine now. I do occasionally take her to get allergy shots. If the eyes are runny I would say it is def. allergies. Hot spot is just like raw skin I believe, but I am not a vet

Can't remember specifically what, but I do believe this is some type of mite or fungus under the skin. If you haven't already done so, I would strongly encourage a Vet check to rule these things out.
Also try Dr.'s Foster & Smith on line Q & A, they also sell a wide variety of things to address such needs if an Rx is not neccesary.
As a long time teacher who's seen a lot of parasites come and go, this sounds like what happens when humans get scabies, except that it is under the skin on the hands & does not involve hair loss.
This is actually very common and there are several different reasons he could be having this reaction and there are certain things you need to look for.

The most common one is a very bad case of fleas. What you need to look for are any small, moving black dots on the cats skin (you can do this by parting the hair with ur hands and following along the spine, but you have to look closely as fleas move fast. you can also lay the cat down on a damp white cloth or paper towel, scratch along the cat's spine and look on the cloth for red dots {flea blood}. Or look for white dots stuck in the cat's fur (flea eggs).

Another possibility is scabies, or other various skin disorders - you should look for flaking skin and rashes. If you suspect scabies, he needs medication from your vet.

And another one i can think of is allergies. Also needs vets immediate attention.

But, no matter what you suspect it is. TAKE YOUR CAT TO YOUR NEAREST VET ASAP.
NEVER put neosporin on your cat, it could be fatal!
Good luck:)
mutant head lice?
Most likely your cat has allergies, probably from fleas. It doesn't take a lot of fleas to cause the problem and once an animal develops flea allergies it doesn't seem to go away. My cat did this after we had a litter of foster kitties at our house. Suddenly there was an epidemic of fleas. We were able to stop the problem but my seven year old cat has had allergic reactions to fleas ever since. If I don't treat her with Advantage or Frontline once a month she starts tearing at her skin and creates scabby sores and bald spots, even though the other cats are fine. It's always a good idea to get a vet's opinion.
Hello take the cat to the vet
It's called obsessive compulsive disorder.
" It's called obsessive compulsive disorder "

Yup.. our cat did that for 3 months.. just bit her fur out in different ramdom places.. mainly by her ankles. the vet said "its behavioral" some cats just do it as a bad habbit (like some people bite their nails) i would def take a cat that is biting fur out to the vet anyway to rule out anything else. our cat did it for 3 months, stopped for 3 yrs and now she has been doing it for a month. we're bringing her to the vet today for something else ( a new vet) and will be interesting to see if we get the same answer about the fur biting. if for some reason anyone cares to hear this 2nd vets diagnosis on the fur biting.. email me at

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