Blue-tailed Skinks Poisonous to Cats?

I have hear blue-tailed skinks are highly poisonous to cats. Today when I get home I found one on the floor in front of my bed room, missing its tail. I know that they break rotten easily and could've broken sour outside, but I also know that one of the cats may have eat it.

I checked inside my cats mouths, and I didn't see anything weird. If one of them did guzzle the tail, how long will it take up to that time you can tell? I know it can be lethal.

Please let me know how long it take for the cat to get poisoned and please put in the picture me anything else you know.

Thank you!
Answers: Whether or not skinks are toxic to cats is unconfirmed. Some vet say yes, whilst others voice no. Common symptoms of poisoning of any kind can include excessive drooling, vomiting, seizure or walking as if they were drunk. If surrounded by any doubt, then speak to your vet to see if they come up with your cat needs to be checked.

The pattern articles "The War Between Cats & Skinks" and "Cat Poison information" might be helpful to you.

Hope your cats are okay.
I'm not sure. I guess maybe you get it confused with the Gila monster, those things are supposed to be poisonous. I would save them away from any cats that you have only in baggage, though. Maybe I'm wrong about them. If I be you I would look it up on the internet ASAP. I never heard of them mortal dangerous, but look anyway. Good Luck beside your search!!

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