Hydrocortisone cream for cat's skin rash?? is it toxic??

My cat gets these skin rashes, or "hot spots?" as I've heard them called. I am constantly taking him to the vet for this. The vet will give him a shot and it'll clear up but then 2-3 weeks later my cat will get another spot. We have tried everything to rule out any allergies and my vet said the only thing we can really do is just wait for them to clear up because it's not good to be giving the cat shots all the time. But now the sore is spreading. I have heard that hydrocortisone cream will work to clear it up, but my cat will just lick the cream off. I was wondering if this cream is toxic? If so, I definetely don't want to use it. Any other suggestions? I don't have the money to take my cat to the vet every couple of weeks.
They have hydrocortisone spray for cats and dogs in the pet section that is safe to spray on pets. I use it on my cats when they get rashes or allergic reactions. I would go see if you can find some in the stores where you live.
my cat was getting some kinda red rash and the hair was falling out where the rash was it turned out to be ring worm or some kin of fungus type in ring worm in cats on google or some search ands pictures will come up of cats and rashes anyhow i got some lamasil from ride aid the same one you and i would use put some on 2 times a day and it was gone in two weeks has not come back so no i dont think the hydro cream will affect him or lamasil my doctor told me most vets use the same things humans use to treat animals try it if his allergic then stop but it will probably solve it just put a tiny thin layer because they will try to lick or u can get lamisil spray works well
It's not toxic to a cat but believe it or not, some cats get steroid induced diabetes so I would look for an alternate.
Could there be food allergies? If so (and even if not) Canned foods w/o gravy are best and if you can go high quality like wellness which doesn't have gluten, that would be better. Some fancy feasts don't have it but don't have my links for which they are. sorry
Hello..am not sure about the cream, you are right you do have to be careful what you put on cats cuz they to ingest it ( that I would ask the VET about before using )..they can take benadryl..1/2mg per pound up to 2 mgs every 8 hours for allergys & itching, etc..also pet stores sell brewer yeast tablets, which is also very good for them & their coats,cats or dogs...as for the sore, it's not unusual for cat sores to stretch & get big, their skin stretches, as long as the cat or you can keep it broken open for drainage..all will be fine too..the thing with cats & wounds, is their skin heals over too fast, leaving underneath unhealed, so they often infect, even a few times till they heal..as long as it can be broken by the cat ( as they will do while healing ) all is well, tho it can get a bit gross & messy..it's just what they have to do to heal properly..Take Care :)
Use bag balm instead of hydro cortisone. It comes in a green square can. Find it at walmart or a pet store. it is used on horses for similar problems and on minor cuts.it's like the animal version of neosporine. i use it on my dog all the time.
One of my longhair cats is always getting hot spots, and my vet has prescribed an ointment called Prenine,which clears them up very fast. As I am not sure whether you get the same ointment there, here are the ingredients:Nitronozone, prednisolone, neomycin Sulphate. It is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory ointment, which is applied once or twice a day. In South Africa, it is only obtainable from a vet, but something similar may be obtained from a pet shop where you are. My vet has in the past, told me that hydro-cortisone is not poisonous to them, but that I should use it very sparingly, and only when I have nothing else to hand. These hot-spots can develop into very nasty, pus filled sores if you are not fast enough in treating them, and then the poor cat needs antibiotics as well.

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