How do i know if my cat is anemic?

Are there symptoms to watch for? I though he was just depressed because he lost weight but now im starting to suspect anemia.
Take him to the vet. Anaemia has any number of causes (bleeding, cancer, kidney failure, poisoning, other diseases) and while it's very easy to identify in itself, you need a work-up to figure out what's causing the anaemia.

Have a look in his mouth.his gums will be pale if he is anaemic. Lethargy and dullness are pretty common also, though may be harder to pick this unless he was an active cat previously.
take him to the vet, that is really the only way!
your cat have aids.
I would take the cat to the vet. They can do blood work to check for those things.
i don't know
Check your cat's paws. If they or any other part that should be pink but is white then the cat is anemic. Take to vet and check for feline luekemia!
A vet can determine this by doing a blood panel. I definitely feel you should have this done for your cat. His symptoms are troublesome to me.

Pale gums can be an indication of anemia.
What emjay said (check the paw pads) and also check the gums. If the gums are pale the cat could be anemic. The gums may be a better clue.

As others have said, if you have reason to suspect anemia, get kitty to a vet and find out why!
He is not going to love you for it- but you need to have a good look at his gums. Might give you a clue if you know what color a gats gums are supposed to be when healthy.
Vet call, my friend.take him to the vet

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