How can I get rid of cats hanging around my house and in my flower beds?

my neighbors cats and maybe some strays are laying on my steps and in my flower beds. I think they are marking their area and using it as a litter box too. Help I need to have them gone.with out hurting them.
One of the easiest ways to keep them out of your flower box is to keep the soil moist. They look for places that are dry to dig in. There are chemical products that cats hate you can spray on the flower beds as well. You will have to scoot them off your stairs or spray water at them. However, cats are territorial, so once they have decided to include your house in their reign it will be hard to scare them off. Have the spca come and pick them up if you can't get rid of them on your own.
Get a big Dog!
Well I have heard if you put lemon juice they will stop coming around. Another way is to call the SPCA around you and tell them about the cats.
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Sprinkle garlic powder in your flower beds. Cats hate garlic and will stay away. Down, or possible up side, your yard will smell like spaghetti for a few days.
Good luck.
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When you see them, run out of the house shrieking, "Get out of here, you god@mned dirty cats!!"

That should fix 'em.
Have you considered doing a search online? You are more likely to get a professional answer then what you will get here.
Put bottles of water on your property. They will stay away.
Go to a hunter's supply store and get some wolf or bear urine. It sounds gross, but the smell of a large predator animal nearby will drive the cats away.
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i got this spray stuff at petsmart called "boundary" so my cats would stop getting on the dining room table and sleeping on my placemats. You spray it indoors or out (i think it smells like cilantro) but they can't stand the smell. I heard citrus oil was a cat deterrent as well. You could just keep a spray bottle of water by your from door and squirt them when they come on your porch...
Wish I could help in some positive way, but I have 4 cats that aren't allowed outside. If they were, I'm sure the neighbors would probably be asking the same thing!! Whatever you figure out , be kind!! I don't see any problem with them laying on your step, but I don't know what to say about your flower beds. Hopefully someone here will give you an answer that will benefit you and the cats!! I love my kitties!!
Try a predator scent product - the smell of a predator is supposed to discourage cats from coming around:
sprinkle cyan pepper all around you garden.. they hate the smell and it doesnt do any harm to your plants or the cats
good luck and I hope all goes well
Orange peels! All natural and healthy way to keep them out of the garden! Good fertilizer too.

Get a whole bunch of orange peels and mince them into tiny pieces. We used a blender. But it keeps them away because the citric acid burns their eyes and noses. If it doesn't work, chili pepper!
Borrow a friend's dog and let the dog pee around the flowers once in a while. Not only will it keep cats away, it'll keep other animals away als.
go to the garden center and buy some pepper dust,,it does work....
I read somewhere (sorry don't remember where was a while back) that coffee grounds Will keep them out of flower beds etc.. Good luck.

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