HOw does kitten poop suppose to look like?

I have a 2 and half week old kitten that i'm taking care of.. *Mother is MIA* anywase.. I was wondering how normal kitten's poop looks like.. I had her for 2 days and she didn't poop when i was *you know helping her by wiping her booty* she only peed alot but she didn't poop... until monring .. i woke up and there was so much poop.. *orange like cream* =/ So, i was wondering is that normal to come out of a 2 week old kitten.. thanks
You mean WHAT is cat poop supposed to look like...the same as people $hit just are weird...
Don't worry ... if u won't see it u will certainly smell it!
um if you have a nursing kitten they will only pee from all the milk but in your case you have been feeding it yourself. the kittens "poop" should look like small cat poop. my mother calls them tootsie rolls... the *orange like cream* doesnt sound good you may want to take the kitten to a vet.
I say kitten poop looks like the same kind of poop we have,brown,stinky,nasty poop!!!I don't know anything about orange poop!That is not normal!!!

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