Can I be held responsible for my cats scratching someones car?

I have 2 cats, and a neighbour has complained that they have scratched her car, there are a lot of cats around where I live but she is certain it is mine. They are very fine scratches, they don't deliberately scratch it I think they do as they slide off the car not that I have seen them do it but they have done it to mine.

What I want to know is can I be sued for it in the UK?
I have had the same problem. And you can't stop it. My cats would only pick the expensive cars of my neighbors to get on! And I have been yelled at a number of times about it. One neighbor put a cat trap behind his house and was trapping cats and dumping them somewhere. Be careful.

I just apologized and offered to buy them a car cover. There's not much you CAN do.

Cats are not like dogs in the eyes of the law in the US. They can not be 'owned' as a dog is. There is a book on Cats And The Law that I have, but I can't find it right now. I don't know the laws in the UK, but if I were you, I would got to a law library and research it, so you know where you stand.

They have 'soft paws' or 'soft claws' you can get for cats to cover their claws, but I don't know it they are for hind feet also. I would get them and show your neighbor that it couldn't have been YOUR cat because he can't scratch.

That's the best I can come up with. It's a tough problem to solve. I live in an RV park, so I just moved my house away from them!
I think your cats would look pretty stupid stood up in a court room
no,,,how do you know it was your cat? i say tell them it wasnt your cat!! and even if he did i dont think that there is any leash laws for cats do you will be fine good luck
she can very easily bring it to court but she defo wont win, she cant prove it was your cat!!!
Yes you can ... unfortunately. The cat is under your supervision and if she can prove that it's your cat ... I'm sorry ... she can have your cat rehomed (very extreme case). Mostly, I've heard of orders to have the cat declawed or to be kept inside.
in the us no cats are considered wiled animals you'll have to do your own research for over there, i would think not since there are other cats in the neighborhood.?
Ask her if she uses a mechanical car wash, you know the ones with spinning brushes. If the answer is yes then game over. They are notorious for making very fine scratches on car paint work.

I find it very hard to believe that a normal domestic cat could actually scratch the paint work of a car - You are sure it's not a lion or tiger you are keeping?
Anybody can sue anybody for anything. But to win, your neighbor would have to have actual proof, such as a video of your cats scratching her car. Just be careful that your neighbor doesn't hurt (or worse) your kitties out of retaliation. There are a lot of crazies out there and as a general rule, cats are safer indoors.
sure can
yes, and you should. you are alowing your cats to scratch your neighbor's car by alowing them outside. if you kept your cats inside then there is no way they could be scratching the car.

I hope she sues you for all she can
now this is something i dont understand,maybe its because i dont drive.but what do you expect to happen if you leave a car parked outside.ofcourse you're going to get minor scratches on it.if you dont want it to happen get a garage.tell her to prove it.i doubt she would have a leg to stand on.if she takes a photo she's got too much time on her hands.peoples cars get scratched all the time.its not like you can tell them not to go near it.
Yes it is your responsibility. How otherwise would people get money from suing the cat???
You can be held responsible for anything your pet (or child for that matter) does. However, she would have to prove that it was in fact your cat. I would think the only way she could do that is with a picture.

If it was your cats, even though they don't deliberate do it, it's still your responsibility. For example...if someone's child was playing ball near your home and the ball accidentally went through your window, even though he didn't mean it, you'd still want his parents to pay to have the window fixed.
No. Cats are not like dogs owned as such and you can not be held responsible for their actions. The reverse to this is that you do not have to report killing a cat on the road.
I would be most surprised if your neighbor could take you to court. Very fine scratches on a car"s paintwork can easily be T-Cut out (polished by hand) and should not be a major issue! I wouldn't think a cat would like the feel of paintwork to scratch anyway.
snodders is correct,you can not be sued.
If your cats are the culprits, and the neighbor can prove it, you are legally responsible.
If she was smart enough to take PICTURES of the cats actually in the ACT of scratching your car, then she has an excellent case and you WOULD be held liable for damages... If you KNOW that your cats DO this sort of thing. it's probably pretty obvious that it really COULD have been your cats.but very difficult for her to prove---you will have to go with your CONSCIOUS on this one.but I'd start making your cats INDOOR ONLY cats from now on...declawing is cruel and VERY PAINFUL for a cat but if you go to court, a judge might just ORDER you to declaw try to keep them inside with a litter box and pay for the scratch repair...
I'm sure the burden of proof would be on the complainant, and it will be really difficult to prove that out of all the cats in the neighborhood, yours is the one that made all the scratches. Especially since the complaint has already been made and there is obviously no pictures or video. The more serious thing to consider is that vindictive neighbors sometimes solve their problems outside the courts by poisoning pets. You should take responsibility for your cats and make sure they are not causing problems around the neighborhood...they're like kids, if you don't take care of them they will surely get into trouble.
yes if they find enough evidence that the cat was scratching the car they can report you to the police and you would be warned possible fined so be careful ok

but i hope you are not caught out by it , good luck
the only way a cat would claw at the car is if they were slidding of the bonnet etc as there is nothing for the cats to claw into, Is this car made of Carpet or the material you get on a scratch pad??? Your neighbour has to prove its your cats that are causing these fine scratches i cant see the cats doing this on purpose!
Please ignore any of the answers that people have put Your Cats are your responsibility but they will not be taken away from you or be Declawed as that is a sick thing and luckily is against the law in UK! so please ignore that stupid answer!!!

But the main thing is is that Your neighbour has to prove it is your cats!!!

play her at her own game and without letting her know keep your cats in for a while and see if she comes around again blaming them, then if this does happen you know its just a load of rubbish!!! because your cats have been in doors.

but if you feel really bad buy her some T-Cut as an a apology maybe it might stop her from going on, but without proof there is nothing she can do!!!
Yes, you can do two things, cut your cats' nails, or don't let them out at all
Yes she can sue you for damages but it would cost more for her to do so than it will for her to repair the car.

There is no legislation in the UK regarding controling domestic cats - as there is for dogs.

Why don't you buy her a car cover as a present to show good will. She can't expect you to watch the cats all the time and she can't expect them to stay in doors all day - but you can make an effort to help her protect her car from their claws!

As for the rabbit watching - thats natural. Its her responsibility to ensure her rabbits are safe from predators when in the garden - that includes cats, foxes, birds.
Cats are classed as wild animals in the eyes of the law, as in if they are run over it is not a reportable road accident. I believe it comes from them being feral animals with a mind of their own! Therefore you can not be held accountable for their actions.
you cannot control your cats actions when she is outside, so no you cannot be sued and if the women tried she would be laughed at.

Tell the women if she doesnt like cats on her car and thinks they scare her pet then tell her to move somewhere were there isnt any cats, you cant control and neither can she so tell her to stop moaning.
The legal standing in the uk would normally be that you have a legal duty to ensure control of your dog, cats however have traditionally been seen as semi-untameable and as that the owner cannot be held responsible for where the cat goes/does.

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