My cat doesn't always land on his feet. should I be worried?

So my cat's not the brightest animal in the world, but there have been times I've noticed he doesn't always land on his feet when falling. last night when we were having tea, he jumped up on the table. I shooed him off, but he landed on his side. Shouldn't he have landed on his feet? Could there be something wrong with him?
That a cat always lands on it's feet is one of those myths that just keeps going and going (like the energizer bunny).

Next time scold your cat with a sharp "NO!", and use a squirt bottle filled with water to get him off the table. Very effective. He could be seriously injured falling on his side.
Take him to a vet!
nope nothing is wrong
notice when cats do a jump they take alot of time to think first then jump
but when u shooed the cat it had to jump in a hurry not much time to judge the jump so
dont worry :-)
I think i read somewhere that it depends on the height they fall from. If it isnt high enough there isnt time for it to right itself.
take him to the vets - better safe than sorry
yeah cats always land on there feet unless they loose there footing and slip!

no matter where my cat is jumping from and wether she falls she always lands on her feet!

like the other night she jumped on summing and slipped off the bed but still managed to land on her feet!

i think u should ring the vets up and see if u need to take the poor thing in to be seen!

hope everything will be ok for u and the moggy!
Mibbe he has a head cold and consequently his sense of balance is impaired which would definitely affect his ability to land on his feet.
Even wee kittens tend to be able to find their feet very quickly from toppling from pillows /cushions etc.
Apparently a cat has to fall from 22 stories to reach maximum velocity and give itself enough time to enable it to land without causing itself too much injury. Any distance less than this and it's pot luck which way up they land, although the survival instinct is very strong and they usually manage to flip themselves the right way -ish.
I wouldn't worry. Sometimes my cats land sideways when they jump on things and miss, lol. They aren't blind, it's just that they chose a slippery place to jump on.
probably not.
Mine falls asleep in the window and smacks her face off the glass. Rolls off the back of the sofa (also asleep) and attacks the bottom step of the stairs - very violently.
Yours sounds positively well adjusted and brainy by comparison.
It has to do with hight,, when a cat falls, its body actually goes relaxed,thats y it can land un hurt from so high..
If ur not sure , then chuck him out the top floor window, and watch ..
It is very unusual for a cat not to land on it's feet, have him checked out by a vet.
ur cat has been smoking coke.
your can could hve a problem with his feet, or it could b that he just hasn't learned how 2 yet, but i dont think so, most cant do land on their feet, but just in case, yes take him 2 the vet's, maybe your cat is just a little clumsy, i would take him for some ests to see if their is anything elce wrong with him, how old is your cat anyway.
a.d.d. cat
sometimes mine don't land on their feet. 95% of the time they land on their feet, so don't be worried about those few times he doesn't land on his feet.
yes, there is potential for something to be wrong, could be equilibrium, etc.-ALSO depends on how far the cat has to land, and if he or she is overweight or not.
Stop tying buttered bread to its back!
You know bread always falls butter side down !
No maybe his feet ae sore
I saw a vet on TV drop a cat to prove they always land on their feet, and it didn't

Awkward animals aren't they?!
This could be something as simple as an ear infection or earmites causing an imbalance, but it could be something serious like arthritis of the hips or spine, or spinal damage of some kind.. Ask a vet; I think your cat needs help, fast.

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