How old does a kitten have to be before you can take it away from its mother?

It should be no less than 6 weeks old. I was always just beginning to wean them at that age. It is more humane to leave them with their mothers and siblings until 8 weeks, when they are fat and furiously funny, and oh so adoptable.

And make sure you get your momma cat fixed.
at least six weeks old, preferably eight weeks old
You will, i'm sure, get a LOT of different answers for this one.. but the 'best' age, is 8 weeks. Any earlier than that, the kitten will still be "needing" the mom. It 'will' adjust if it is taken away earlier than 8 weeks, but it's hard on the kitten when that is the case.
8-12 weeks is best
6-8 weeks
6 to 8 weeks for maximum nurturing--as long as it can eat kitten food and drink water, it will survive
The youngest a kitten should be before leaving the mother is 8 weeks old. He/she should be completely weaned. Good Luck.
I believe it should be eight weeks old.
8 weeks ,or when it can eat from a dish by it self
8-10 weeks is the ideal time.
8 sooner because the kitten will need as much nutrients from its mother. If you take a cat or dog away from it's mother before that time, the animal is more likely to have health problems later in life. Don't separate them until 8weeks of age for the better of the kitten/puppy.
6 weeks
Not usually till 6 weeks. some cases a person can start them on canned food in 4 weeks. Like the other answer fixing till 6 months. (recomended)
4 weeks
Its best to wait till its 10-12 weeks old for the socialisation and well being of the kitten. The very minimum is 8 weeks, but be prepared for a very distraught kitten that needs care all day long. It is best for the happiness of the kitten to get two. This way, they have a playmate to keep them company when you can't and helps it develop socially. Two kittens are better that one and are just as easy to care for. They will get into less trouble, less chance of obesity, depression, and be overall a better pet to you.
Also, early neuter/spay at 12 weeks is ideal for kittens. This will prevent spraying, excessive aggression, roaming, fighting, and many health problems.
The average is 6-8 weeks but it should be weened not just taken away. I would at 6 weeks start seperating mom and kitten for small intervals.. slowly over the course of a week or two increase that seperation time. During the seperation time start giving the kitten canned soft food. The kitten should be able to eat kitten food cpompletely and be weened from its mothers milk before total seperation. Good Luck!
The rule of thumb that my father who was a vet said was 8 weeks, but it can happen as early as six, depending on the situation and the level of care the pet will receive.
should be six weeks, but sometimes longer if possible because most times kittens left with their mother longer get better social skills and she will teach them different things, like covering up their poo. :) sure enough a mother cats teachers her kittens to do this!! but no youger than 6 weeks. and as long as their eating good on their own.
8weeks old.
7 weeks..just to be different
Most breeds 6-8 weeks, but Manx cats mature slower and are better left on their mother until 8-10 weeks.
In most states it is illegal to buy, sell, adopt or give away any kitten until it has completed it's 7th week and in some states it is 8 weeks old. A kitten ideally should stay with mom and littermates until it is at least 10 weeks old.
I have always heard 6 to 8 weeks.
shouldnt take away from her till they are atleast 8 weeks old
A kitten should be 6 weeks old if it will eat food on its on but 8 weeks old is best
as long as it is eating solid foods, 6 to 8 weeks
When my female had kittens, I liked to wait until I was sure the baby was eating food other than just milk. You can let them go at 8 weeks, but I would recommend 10 weeks only to make sure that the kitten is eating cat food. But as long as the kitten is eating cat food, then they are ready to go.
Eight weeks old!! No earlier because she will not be completely weened from mom. I have had quite a few female cats that had kittens growing up and we never let them go before 8 weeks.

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