My Tiny kitten swallowed a 1/4 inch nipple top. what should i do!?

I heard that you should make it throw up. How? Im not exactly sure how old the kitten is but i think its about 4 weeks or so.
We can't find the mother so we've been feeding them with a little bottle, he like to chew and he chewed off part of the bottle top. He swallowed it and i dont know what to do. Plz help!
take it to the vet
Go to the vet
I would not try to make the kitten throw up. That might damage the kitten more than it would help. I would get the kitten to the vet ASAP. If them nipple top becomes lodged it could kill the kitten.
Take your kitten to the vet immediately, it could die if it is not removed. It could block airway passage and stomach. It must be removed right away. Are you feeding him with a kitten bottle, with kitten formula every 2 hrs or so? Also since he is so young, are you wiping his bum? because that is what the mother cat has to do to make him release his urine and feces. Please, if you have never nursed a baby kitten before, call your nearest no kill shelter for instructions on how to care for him! Its a lot of hard work, and if you aren't up for it.please turn him in to the humane society.
What do you mean the vet does'nt specialize in kitten care! Take the cat to ANY vet!! This is NOT a kitten specific problem! If the piece was small enough, the kitten will probably just pass it, if it was kind of large then it may eventually cause a blockage. At least CALL a vet as ask if you should bring the cat in or wait and watch for signs of a blockage.

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