At what age can you take kittens away from there mum?

we need to know as our cat is due and we wont be able to look after them all for a long period of time we just need to know what is a good age to sell them
Angel H. In answer to your question,the normal time is six to eight weeks. They need to feed off her. You can start with a bowl of milk after about three to four weeks. You'll soon know when to sell them when they come off Mum's teats. Good Luck!
8 weeks.
from 5-6 weeks old, is the best time. Some do give them away at the age of 3 weeks, but then they still need a miniature bottle. WELL, the best time is when their eyes are open for three days!
6 weeks but 9 weeks is ideal.
8 to 10 weeks is when they should leave the mother..if you give them away sooner..its tough for them to survive
8-10 weeks. Fully weaned and poop trained.
From 6 weeks. Although I`d leave it until 8.
In many places it is illegal to sell kittens (or puppies) before 8 weeks old. They really shouldn't be taken away from their mothers before that, but if you have a hardship case, they will be eating solid foods by 6 weeks and could go then.
about nine weeks.
my cat is also due a litter of kittens the best time to let baby kittens go from 8 weeks on depending how they have developed with solid food and litter training but it also depends on yourself but no less than 6 weeks
Eyes need to be open for a couple of days (Normally around 6 weeks)
you can take the kittens from there mom when they can eat real cat food

Get ahold of a local rescue to take them as soon as they can get them altered. Petsmart works with rescues they will get vetting done and adopt them out with contracts.

You can't sell an animal. Its worthless just give them to the rescue to take care of them!!!
Usually 6 weeks is considered the minimum, and it is Always best to wait until the kittens have been weaned off of their mother's milk and onto semi solid food - usually wet food, at first. Check with your local Animal Shelter or vet for further, better, and more informed advice.
I promise you that the correct answer is 8 weeks don't let them leave there mother before that or most likely they will die.
6 to 8 weeks
Please no earlier than 6 weeks. However 8 is ideal and that way they shoud be good healthy kittens from nursing.
12 to 16 weeks before they stop weening.
Or if you have too many 24 hours, and a bucket of water. Not being offensive but on a farm the cat population exceeds requirements so drastic action is required.
Best way though is to keep one *****/female kitten, which satisfies the mother cats needs and keeps the stock running on. A.
8-10 weeks
Kittens SHOULD NOT leave their mother's until they are 9 weeks old - you shouldn't have let her get pregnant if you are not prepared to care for them properly. They have to be eating properly on their own before they can go to new homes, to sell them at under 9 weeks is not good for them or their mother. Do your cat a favour and find her a proper home - and get her spayed!
7-8 weeks should be o.k. Please check the homes they go to. ask for a reasonable amount for each one and use the money to neuter the mum. Take them gradually, so her milk dries up slowly.
at the very earliest, 6 weeks. but you wwould do far better for both the mother and the kittens to wait til they're 8 - 12 weeks. 12 wks is ideal as the other has then had time to tech them much more of the survival skills they'll need.

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