I know this sounds terrible, but, does anyone know what to use to poison a possum?

i have tried everything to get rid of this big creature that lives under my house, i even bought a live trap, nothing works! he keeps beating up my daughters cat and im afraid he might bite her! he is vicioius!
I agree with that guy that said put the cat inside the house and put out some rat poison. I know how scary a giant possum can be! Just make sure the cat is in the house while the poison is out, and you have all the poison gone before you put the cat back outside. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Those things can be pretty harmful. And they can carry rabies.

PETA can't do anything to you for just asking a question.
does your county have any animal control? maybe you can call them and they can relocate the critter to another area.
Call animal control or a pest control company. If you poison the possum you'll also poison the cat.
DON'T KILL IT dude just call animal services.
call animal control and they'll deal with it that's their job, don't take it upon yourself to try to kill an animal.
call a proffesional dont kill it, get animal control to come out and they will get it in a cage and take it to a open field. i understand your worried about your kitty, but try everything possible before you do that
Call animal control and they will come and remove it! Don't kill the poor thing!!
Get the cat inside, Then feed the possum rat poison, a lot of it. Mix the poison inside of food. Watch out for your daughters cat.
poison that overgrown rat lookin' thing with a bullet. you don't want to put out poison that your cat can get into.
call animal controll. Of its fighting with the cat, put in in the house. If the cat has been scratched or bitten by this animal, take the cat to the vet
I am sorry. I am going to be blunt and it is going to sound mean, but that is the only way. An opossum will kill a cat and just leave it's body lying there. They are very vicious and will attack humans if trapped. Animal control will not help you. Even in town. My friends dog was attacked right down town and animal control would not come. Keep the cat indoors until this animal is dead. Call some one with a powerful gun and shoot it. My brother-in-law emptied a six shooter in one and it was still alive. He then got his shot gun and killed it. You have to shoot it in the head. This was an awful thing to do, but it had already killed 3 cats through the night.
anything you put out to poison it will possibly kill your daughters cat as well, call animal control or a private pest control company.
You need to call animal control before your cat catches a disease and brings it into the house.
You're right...it does sound terrible. Listen to everyone else and call animal control.and hope PETA doesn't hear about this...
Hello..in most places it's illegal to poision without a special license, especially where there are domesticated animals about, that can also be poisioned..so not a good idea..is this an outside cat who EATS outside, there is some sort of food source for the possum..or it wouldn't stay..I could lend your out JRT - Jack Russell Terror..but he kills cats too..Take Care :)
Do NOT poison the possum. he will crawl back under your house and it will start stinking really bad when he dies!!! I had a possum die under my house last year and my husband refused to go under the house because of all the scorpions... it was horrible for over a week.yuck!

BTW: The possum died from a fight it got into with my dog... I didn't poison it.lol.
Whatever you do, don't poison it! If you use poison, you may accidentally ingest it yourself, or your daughter's cat may get ahold of it. And accidentally killing the cat is worse then dealing with the possom. Your best bet is to call animal control, they may be able to have someone come down there, or give you some advice.
The best way to protect your cat is to keep her inside. By poisoning the possom, you aren't fixing the problem, just putting it off. Another animal will come along to harm her, or she will be hit by a car, shot or poisoned by an annoyed neighbor, or taken in by a person who assumes she is a stray.
Nothing is terrible about getting rid of that big creature. And it's not animal cruelty, although you talk like it. The cat is more important to protect as well as your daughter. You may have to go to the pet store to ask that question or call them.
Why not keep your cat indoors? Aside from wild animals, there are other things to consider for the safety of your daughters cat. Some examples are:
people (cat haters)
exposure to antifreeze/chemicals

Secondly, if you poison the possum other animals can come into contact with the poison.

As others have stated, call animal control or a critter removal company-be humane and ethical.
Have you tried luring it with some kind of bait (like chicken or something) and then shooting it while it's eating?

I imagine rat poison would work well, but be careful to clean it ALL up after the possum dies, and it's probably a good idea to safely dispose of the possum's corpse (in a plastic bag, tupperware, something like that) so that another animal doesn't get poisoned by eating the possum's remains.

..isn't anyone reading the details on this question? Animal control isn't an option, people.
just use rat poison
so this possum comes into your house and attacks your daughter's cat? make sure you keep your doors shut and locked. maybe try keeping the cat upstairs at night and the possum will be less likely to attack the cat.

I would call animal control or the cops to try and take care of this animal. If you do anything to it, you could commiting animal cruelty.
It is unlikely it would randomly attack a human...if you are handling it or have it cornered than it might. I would say to keep up trying to trap it...that is going to be your best bet. I worry about the poison as most likely the oppussum will not be the only one ingesting it...it could die somewhere where it will be eaten by other animals (coyotes, raccoons, pets etc.) and birds (vultures, hawks, crows, etc.). Please think twice about putting a poison into the ecosystem. Also, can you keep your cat indoors in the evening when the oppossum is more likely to be out??

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