My cat eats alot and poops way to much? what could this be?

She is one years old and very petite she acts as if she is starving at all times. any suggestions?
Have her checked for worms.
Feed a quality food like Felidae. If you are feeding a cheap quality (grocery store) food made with lots of empty fillers, the cat has to consume more in order to take in adequate nutrition. Since it is mostly fillers & fiber, then more comes out the other end as well.
Also dry food you would have to feed less (as wet/canned/pouch foods have a lot of water weight.
cats will eat whatever you put out for them. They do not understand the concept of meals. If you have food out for them all the time, then they will eat all the time. You need to cut back to feeding her twice a day. It will take a while for her to get used to it, but in the long run it is much better for them.
Your cat could have a parasite which means that its not getting enough nutrition. I would take it to the vet along with a stool sample. They will be able to tell you what is going on.
Hello..well first it is very rare for cats to overeat..use only dry cat food too..cats are nibblers thruout the day & night or just in the day if they are over not sure what you mean by too much pottying, cats can go 2 or 3 times day no's not how much, it's if it's soup that's more of a concern..Take Care :)
She may have worms or you maybe feeding a low quality food. My friend used to feed Purina Cat Chow and it was always eating and puuping. I finally got her to change to Wellness by buying her a bag to compare. Now she eats far less and poops less too.

Welness costs a little more, but where they eat less it does not work out much different. It's much better for the cat too. My friend notises Gizmo also sheds less and has a much healthier coat too.
You might worm her as a preventative, particularly if she is an outdoor cat, where they will eat things that carry the larvae.

My gut instinct is that she is not getting the nutrition she needs from whatever you are feeding. I recommend 1/4 of a small can of food, morning and night. The extra moisture, fats and proteins in canned food help the cat's body and skin stay in their best condition, since many cats do not take in enough moisture.

Many dry foods are basically fillers. If you look at the contents on the side of the bag, and the first ingredients are corn, by products and soy, then they are getting minimal benefits, but a lot of bulk that can move the food through their intestines before they absorb any nutrients.

Felidae does have a good formula, and contains no corn. I prefer the kitten and cat formula of that particular food, because its first two ingredients are protein sources: turkey meal and chicken meal. But any food that puts a heavy emphasis on protein is good, since cats are natural carnivores.

With a quality food you'll find less stools because their body is using up more of the contents of what you are feeding. "Free feed" her unless she gets fat. When food is available all the time, cats are not as anxious to be fed.
Her food may not be nutrient dense. Meaning, it's full of fillers and by-products, so she's eating more and more to compensate. The amount of the feces is also an indicator, as well. In foods with too many fillers, much of if is defecated. It's of no nutritional value to the cat, so it just moves along down the digestive tract. You can try foods with high animal protein basis, no by products, and little to no grains. Something like Innova, Wellness, California Natural, Eagle Pack, Healthwise, etc.

She could also have internal parasites, so you should check that first. They rob nutrients from any food she's eating for themselves, resulting in a cat who is eating regularly, but is very hungry. A fecal test at the vet's office should tell you.
cats that are 1yr old are still young and like to nibble on their foods all day as they only eat 4or 5 pieces at 1 sitting,,,my 3 cats eat and nobble and are the right size and they always go to the bathroom at least 2times a day ' and it;s normal,,,
Having your cat checked for worms is a good idea. If there are no worms found try feeding a dry food the has meat, chicken, etc. as the main ingredient, not corn. Also, cats need stimulation just like dogs. Cats will eat out of boredom if they are not provided with other things to do. Limit the amount of food your cat eats. Stick to the recommended feeding instructions on the food package.
I would take a stool sample to the vet. Over the counter wormers do not cure tape worm. You have to get a pill by weight. Also switch to Nutro. Notro foods are mostly processed and used by the cat and very little comes out as waste.
would definately have ktty checked for worms and parasites, food can also cause these problems. so when you go to the vet and have kitty checked ask them what foods are good for your cat. agree woth the filler comments etc.
Is she drinking alot? Losing weight? If so then diabetes, hyper T are possibilities. I don't mean to alarm you as both are very treatable but you should see a vet

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