Sick Cat & Milk?

I have a sick cat and she won't eat much of anything. She likes to drink milk.

Her digestive system is obviously hurting and she threw up alot last night. Would milk hurt her digestive system? Or should I give her some?
NEVER give your cat wil screw up the digestive track.go to the vet!
you should get her cat milk not cow milk cats are lactose intolerant
It is because of the milk that your cat is sick. Cats may like it, but they cannot tolerate it.
if your cat is sick, you should call the vet.
yes you can give her some milk. it wouldent hurt her. now you need to get her to a vet!
Yer i agree with the first grl, cat milk is always best. Gte her checked out at your local vet, they would probley easily be able to sort her out:;

Hope she gets better soon x
Milk isn't good for cats. talk to your vet and see if he recommends a good food for the cat. milk isn't good for the cats digestive system and can cause bad diarrhea. Science diet has several formulas for cats but talk to your vet first.
Majority of cats are lactose intolerant. You may want to consider using Hartz cat milk which is in the with the cat food at the grocery store.
But before you continue please take the little kitty to the vet and make sure it's nothing serious. If you wait too long you may have a problem worse than what it is now.
Say 'meow' to your kitty from my two kitties Figaro & Rosina.
please dint give milk to a cat just give her some water for now and go to this site
it is called kitty glop and it is what i use to give sick kitty
Simply give her dry cat food and water- no people food or milk!!
Cow milk as previously stated is bad for cats. You can get powdered formula (like for kittens) or you can try goats milk, that's what my vet recomended when we couldn't get the powdered formula.

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