My cat ran away about a week ago,I can't find her, and she won't come no matter what.?

I've tried calling for her, looking for her,but she won't even come for meals. What's wrong and why won't she come? I know she wouldn't run away. She loves me too much.
Do you have a crawlspace under your house? 99.9% of the time when an indoor cat escapes, that is where you'll find them. Buy or rent from the shelter a "Hav-a-heart" trap and put herfavorite thing in it. Put it in an area under your house or in the yard where he might be lying low. Check it every 4-6 hours. It closes when an animal steps in, trapping them inside. If you catch something unexpected, wash the cage with mild soap and water after releasing the critter (to help remove scents that may scare your cat) and try again. Another trick is to use a laser pointer in the dark. Most cats can't resist those. Don't be too worried if she acts scared of you, or doesn't seem to recognize you. She will be OK when she gets inside and cleans herself. If it goes a long while (more than 5-7 days), and you find her again, make sure to have her checked at the vet for bite wounds or abscesses, dehydration, or from problems that can be caused from malnourishment. Indoor kitties are not very street-savvy. They can often fall prey to outdoor cats, dogs, and from hunger and thirst because they don't know where to look. Good luck. I feel your pain. (But I always find my indoor cats under the house when they "get lost." Also- someone in a Chicago suburb just posted a HUGE reward in a newspaper, and low and behold- the cat was under his house. If only I had been there. Hahahaha!)
Maybe she got hit by a car like mine did. Not trying to be negative, but it's always a possibility that she somehow died.
im so sorry this has happend twice to me she is scared and is hungry put food out cats dont usally go far from home i hope its not a black cat cause some peoples kill them on oct.
I know you miss her and the only thing you can do is hope that she comes home.but I can tell you from experience that a lot of times they don't ever come back.
Sometimes they get hit by cars, people steal them or another animal kills them. Sometimes they are just hiding.maybe she is sick and hiding until she feels better.
Was she fixed? Sometimes when they are in heat they are out running about too.
I know you miss your kitty..I hope she comes home(((hugs)))
Cats dont love their servants. Only what can be provided. Love is a human emotion anyway.

There are many reasons why your cat isn't coming back:

She may be injured and cant get back to you.
She may have adopted a new owner
If she is a totally outside cat she may have been attacked (sorry to say this) and killed. Or run over by a car.
She may have been picked up and sitting in a pound or shelter somewhere
If she hasn't been spayed, she may be off with a male, or having kittens.

Suggest you:
Door knock in area to see if anyone has seen her
Call/visit vets to see if they have seen her
Contact animal shelters
Put up LOST signs with her picture in vets, petshops, supermarkets, everywhere.
She will come back, cats are smart. 1 day before I was moving my cat got lost and found her way up to my apartment. It was really cool.
something terrible must have happened gotta get think of those possibillities. if hasn't come back by next week you know its gone to kitty heaven.
If she is not spayed she will show up in a few more days. The bad thing is anything can happen and I'm sure by now you have thought of all of them. Good luck.
Put up a lost sign with her picture at a convenience store in your area. Run an ad in the paper. Someone somewhere may have seen her.
The more people on the look out the better.
Sounds like your cat has gone on a "romantic" getaway. She'll be back when she's through having fun. I've had cats be gone for 2 weeks and then suddenly re-appear.

It's not that she doesn't love you. The need to mate is a more powerful thing.
She could be trapped somewhere. Scared. Some one could be holding onto her. She could be hurt. She could have been hit, she could be dead. I know its seems negative, but i lost a cat that way he decidied to play on a busy street, and I didnt know for several days until i called my vet and they said they had a cat there that matched his description.
Check with animal control, vets, and even post fliers. Talk to your neighbors. Put fliers up at pet stores. I wish you the best of luck and hope your cat comes home!
It's mating season for cats right now. If she was fortunate enough not to get hit by a car , she will be home in a few days bringing you a present that will be ready in a few weeks. Good Luck and God Bless.
tuna works wonders. other than that there's not much to do but put up lost signs, wait and make sure you put ID on/in your future cat.
Your cat is probably lost. Go to the perimeter of your vicinity and walk around it - like around the block. But don't call for your cat until you are away from the far edge of the perimeter; otherwise you will draw your cat away in thevwrong direction. My cat was lost and i looked for him everyday for four months. I finally found him three streets away. But you'd be surprise how many lost animals are out there. You can tell they're lost cause they're dirty and hungry and sad. They're not used to it. IF it's a male he 's probably hanging out around a female in heat. Look for a place where a lot of cats are hanging out.
sometimes cats runaway to die. Also there are lots of thigs out there that can hurt a cat. Hope for the best for you but don't get your hopes up
i lost my cat 2weeks ago ive been everywhere looking my friends said that we have a big tom in the area and he is to scared to come near this area in case of another fight
Most of the previous answers have the answers to find your cat , but hear is a thought. If your cat was old or sick in some way, sometimes an animal will leave its home to go away and die. I know this because i've had a dog and a ferret both do this before. It's sad but they have a sense about death. I don't know why but they do not seem to want to let there owners see them die sometimes. - Good luck
If you cat is allowed to roam outdoors.anything could have happened to it. It is not nice to think about but your cat could have been hit by a car, poisoned by a human or left out poisons such as antifreeze, snail or rat poison, eaten or mauled by a dog or wild animal, could have been in a cat fight and is hiding somewhere injured, or someone else could have "adopted" him. If you are going to let your cat outside you should have known the risks involved. If he comes back you might consider making him an indoor cat in the future.
im so sorry to hear that id be devastated if either of my cats went missing

but im sorry to say but if it isnt coming home to eat and if it loved you as much as you loved it then it might be dead or some heartless bi-arch stole it

try going to the pound or animal shelter and see if they have it

if not ring a vet or something they may have recieved a dead cat at least then you will know where he is and it will give you closure
She might seek for a mate or might ran away to die without you knowing.
I found a cat about a week ago *confused*
Where abouts are you from?

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