Do male cats have nipples on there stomach?

we just got a new kitten, and we are unsure of its gender. lol! I think that it is a female, but the vet said that it might be a male. But he wasnt completely sure. Pls any info will be much appreciated.
The vet wasn't sure?? I'm sorry, but I would question the ability of your vet!

Here is a link that SHOWS you the difference:
Yes, male cats have nipples.
yes, but they are very small.
yes. Just ask do guys have nipples in the same place girls do.
I mean for humans
well as far as i know they do. I have two male cats and both of them have nipples.
NO. the nipples on their stomach were for breast feeding the kittens.
male cats have nipples...It is hard to tell the sex of a cat until they get about 3 months I would go with what the Vet says.
I have seen male cats' nipples, so yes. In females, the "pee hole" is close to the "poop hole" and they are far in the back, pretty much right at the tail. In males, the poop hole is at the tail, but there is a bit of a space (like the size of a pencil eraser) between it and the pee hole) and the "balls" usually show up in that spot as the kitten ages. Tee hee... hope the info helps!
i can share what i know.we had the same issue with our cat.cause he has nipples on his tummy but also had the male parts.when we took him to get fixed we found out he had 2 male sacks but one was in the track yet and that why it had not droped and it made the other one smaller.which led us to beleave he was a female.and so we asked about the nipples and they said that was i hope that will have to just wait to see if his privates drop into there sack if not when you get his shots ask the vet again.but it sounds like a boy.
Yes, all cats have nipples, as well as dogs. I believe that most animals do, but I could be mistaken. The reason is so that they can care for a newborn animal that the mother is unable to. You hear of different animals 'adopting' another type and adding it to its' litter, so to speak; or simply caring for it if the natural mother is unable to.
Yes, and get a different Vet if he can't sex the animal...

Imagine what he could do wrong?
yes. male cats do have nipples!! 100%
Male cats do have small nipples on their stomachs.
Yes they do, it's hard to tell if their female or male when so young. For me it is anyway.I usually have to wait until it's a little more mature. I still missed it on one of my kittens , thought it was a female and named him Marcie. But he didn;t seem to mind, he lived to be 14 and a half yrs old.
Yes, male cats do have nipples.
Hello there, Just look at Morgan I that is the correct answer.
Every creature of a mammalian species, cats, dogs, humans, etc. has nipples, male or female. The male's do not develop like the female's and in some cases, like cattle, hardly show up at all. Nipples cannot be used as a means to determine the gender of the babies.
males definitley have nipples. it's kinda funny too they are bald around their nips. mine is anyways.
Yes male cats have nipples, they are easier to see on some cats such as lighter colored cats, if you have a fluffy male forget about seeing any, but they are they none the less. Also easier to see on male kittens.
male and female cats both have nipples on there stomachs

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