Hard callus on my cats pad.?

my female cat jasmine has a very hard callos on one pad on her front paw,it is longer then the pad itself i trim it as much as i can so it is a little more comfy for her to walk put i aam wonderin will it grow back the long length it was befor and how can i get rid of it compleatly. it is only on of her tiney little pads. SOMBODY PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM
Cats get calluses because they are constantly walking on their feet, and are experiencing friction which causes the skin to thicken. All cats have calluses on their feet. These do not make them uncomfortable, and are actually protection against stepping on something that could hurt their foot! It is harder for something to get through a callus than through just the skin on their foot pads.

Do not remove them, and if it seems to be causing the cat discomfort, then I would take her to a vet or groomer to have it inspected, and possibly removed.

My male cat has one like what you are describing, and my vet told me just to leave it alone. It's never seemed to bother him, so I really don't worry about it!
see a vet and dont cut the pad incase a blood vessel is in it.
Possibly there is a foreign body, such as a tiny splinter or thorn, in there. If so, it should eventually work its way out.
On the other hand, it may be something that has to be remove surgically.

The other possibility, though, is that is a malignant growth. If I were you, I would have a vet look at it.

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