Why does my cat wake me up?

I rescued two kittens who were abandoned by their mother at two weeks of age. they are now approx. 5 months old.

One of my kittens, at 6 AM every morning, she wakes you up by purring loudly and licking your face, and won't stop until you wake up. I'm not complaining(I think it's cute), since this is what time I need to get up, but I am curious as to why she does it. I have only recently started awakening at this hour(I got a new job) and she has always done this since she was 2 months old.(that when they moved out of "their," room and into my room)

Any reasons as to what she is thinking in her kitty mind?
I think your cat may just be showing you affection. Listen to her meow. Is it demanding--like she wants you to get up? Or is she purring and rubbing against you trying to cuddle? Look in her eyes. My cat gets a dreamy look in his eyes when he wants to be loving. At least your cat waits until morning. My cat wants to be affectionate in the middle of the night, and the moment I step through the door coming home from work! :-) Enjoy it!
No clue. Maybe she knows what time you need to wake up. My dog does this too.
Same reason a baby would cry until you wake up. Maybe she's hungry, or just wants some attention.

Our kitten wakes us up at 6 in the morning each day for food and to go outside.
That is probably just your kitten's "schedule". I had one like that, and the other wouldn't move before 9:00 am. They are like us...some are just early risers, and others aren't. If you feed them at that time, they are becoming accustomed to that as well with your schedule change.
My cat does this sometimes. She is telling you that it's time to eat. Get up and feed me. Mine sits at the bedroom door and howls until I get out of bed LOL ....It works!
Cats are most active at night.

In the morning she's ready for a nap, but wants to cuddle first.
She is trying to tell you that the sun is up and it's time to eat their breakfast.

Thanks for asking.
my cat that Ive owned for 7 years does the same thing except she jumps over my head and whines like a baby! Its because they know that you get up at that time and want your attention.it must have love for you and cares about you and prolly thinks your getting up to go hunt for food because when you leave thats what they think your doing hunting
Cats do this becuz they lluv you!!
If you care for them much they do this to wake you up.
Sometimes they do this so that you could play with them!!
You should look up more about cats.
I had a cat that did the same thing. I wasn't home all the time and she that while I was sleeping was the best time to play. We got another kitten and then she had her to play with when I was gone. After that, once in a great while did she wake me up.
Cats are very intuitive creatures. It sounds like she is your alarm clock, and she has gotten used to your routine. My cat sleeps with me all night, every night, in the exact same spot (a pillow placed above my head), and when she is hungry and her bowl is EMPTY she bites my fingers...they are very routine-oriented animals. Cats are AWESOME!

On a personal note, I suffer from depression, and when Gabbie was brought to me almost 4 months ago, it was like the sun came out...she makes me incredibly happy. Don't know what I'd do without her!
she wants some loving from you
Yes, that's perfectly natural for us.

oops, I mean for... them?

Code Cat, Code Cat, Is the message bar clear? Sargent Litter? Are you there? Roger? Roger?
It's your cats routine, be happy she doesn't do it at 2AM.
haha! My cat did the same thing. It's like she knew I was supposed to be up at that particular time. I guess she's just used to the routine and when you don't get up on time it makes her nervous. Anyway, cherish the time you have together because its not forever.
Hmm...cats need attention...so to get ur attention it might be doing or it will be like "the sun has risen..time to get up!"
she's probably hungry.
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_ the cat question

your cat probably wakes you up cuase

1. Its hungry and know that you'll feed him/ her

2. My friends cat always wakes him up before school
some pople say cats remember when people get up.
You can find a good answer from petplace.com

A veterinarian runs this site and did an article on why cats do this.

It has to do with nature.
that is so cute!!my mom usually put are cats in the garage at night and in the morning around 5 she opens the door and my cat lynx runs up stairs and statrs meowing loudly and dosen't stop until i wake up!!
She does this because you're her mommy now. She was weened too early. She loves you so enjoy it, Mommy! lol
Leave a bowl of dry kitten food out and let the cat eat whenever it likes throughout the night. make sure there is more than enough to keep the cat satisfied. Then you can see if it wakes you up to get fed or not. And leave a bowl of clean water too.
My cat does this all the time!
I have a wall
well, obviously
but its not a real wall
its made of kinda thin wood
&& my cat jumps over it
&& meows && licks me
it just means she wants attention && loves u
u HAVE been sleeping 4 the while nite!
so, jus get used 2 it or close the door
but if u lyk it, u kno. lol

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