I broke my cats neck!?

i was running through the house and i jumped,landed on my cat,and broke his neck. what am i to do?
Dont be sooooo silly!
Just take it to a vet doctor he willl knw wat 2 do 4 it...
Gud luck!
a vet... if u broke her neck im not sure shed be alive

maybe its sprained either way u have to go to the vet
is it dead? ohmygod, thats the most scariest thing i've read in woaaah!
what are you doing coming online?!?!?!
get going, she needs a vett!!!
this is an emergency! what would you do if someone broke, your neck? well do the same
bury the damn thing before it starts smelling bad and the maggots take over knucklehead.
You are a dumb biatch!!
If the cat is still alive, take it to the vet. If it's not, prepare tell whoever else lives with you what has happened.
meh the pus.sy's got 8 more lives
I'm sure you havent broken it the cat would be dead if you did take it to a vet ASAP and go from there
i think it's dead
Umm i would most defiantly take it to the vet before it gets seriously worse.. take it to the vet and explain... sorry hope all goes well for your cat
if its paralized you are sure to have a law suit on your hands. lets see assualt & attempted murder. I would say get rid of the body and make up some story.
POOR CAT! If u were really fat ur cat would be dead! Consider ur self lucky! NOW DONT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN OR ILL FIND YOU! BEWARE!
i hope this is a joke.
Based on your previous questions, I have no reason to believe that this is true. I do have some advice, however: grow up!
Sounds like you are not very bright... if you really gave a dam about the cat you would not be writing here! how would you like it if someone jumped on your neck and said "hold on I'll get you some help but I think i'll turn on my computer and ask someone what to do?..get a life.
I really hope your not serious!! If you are;
1 your a bloody stupid idiot
2 call the vet and get your sorry **** down there with the cat
3 dig a big hole and bury your cat (if you killed it)

You aren't serious are you??
Take your cat to the freaking vet!
After that, if it lives, Give it up for adoption cuz you are the suckiest owner ever.

That is if you arent joking about this

Just go now >:|
RUN TO YOUR COMPUTER AND GO TO petqna.com AND ASK WHAT TO DO!!!..oh wait, already done..stop being stuck on stupid
This has got to be the most stupidest question asked yet!!!And for the people who believe it,Im sorry but come on the thing would be dead.Pretty sad how people can mess around talking about pets this way..Get a life
dont go to petqna.com go to a vet duh
what thee heck are you doing ONLINE?!! while your cat is freaking over there with a broken neck?!?! call someone! rush it to a vet! selfish!
my suggestion is tell mommy and daddy your bored and have a problem they will find someone for you to talk to even joking about animal abuse is a cry for help
Have someone that weighs 10 times your weight run across the house and break your neck. Then send them to petqna.com and we'll tell them what to do for you and your cat!
That is so awful. The poor cat is probably dead if not take to the vet ASAP.

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