Will hydrogen peroxide kill ear mites?

One of my cats has a bad case of ear mites in only one of his ears. It is really starting to bother him. I try to clean them out/get rid of them with Q-tips, but they just keep multiplying/leaving the gunk in his ears. He has some bleeding now because of the mites. Will hydrogen peroxide kill the mites and sooth his pain? I am looking for a homeopathic remedy if possible. Thanks.
I have had cats all my life and I always use plain baby oil.I put just a couple of drops in their ears and the next day I will clean just the part you can see with a Q-tip. The oil will suffocate the mites. I do this even when there are no signs of ear mites it keeps their ears clean and mite free.
It will not kill them- and its not good to put in his ears, he has open wound now because of the mites. Please go and purchase revolution it is an over the counter product you can get at petco. The other cheaper products at walmart, etc..usaully dosen't work.
If you do that- you better have him clawed first !!
No, there are better remedies. Earmites can be very difficult to eradicate and I don't know of any homeopathic remedies.

This is another time I would say to take the cat to the vet. Earmites can drive an animal wild (imagine if you had bugs crawling around deep inside your ears) and incorrect treatment or no treatment can lead to ear infections, the cat scratching its ears till they bleed, and other complications.
If your cat has not been diagnosed with ear mites by his veterinarian, I would strongly suggest a vet visit. Treating cats ears without diagnosis can potentially do the cat more harm than good. Please see the vet.
Imagine you had those in your ears. You'd probably be feeling utterly nuts by now. Peroxide is not a good thing to put in your cat's ears, the mites won't drown and he'll be miserable. The medicine from the vet is oil based, which will suffocate the mites, and it has stuff in it that also will help heal the damage they've caused to the tissues. Peroxide will destroy tissue, which you do not want to have happen inside the ear. Baby oil is good after the mites are gone, to help keep the new growing tissues moist, and ordinary dirt will not adhere. Homeopathy in this case would be like trying to use homeopathy on appendicitis. Won't work. You can research on the web to find herbal remedies that will help the healing and help prevent reinfestation, but for now, the medicine from the vet is really the only way you'll be actually helping your cat and solving the problem.
Use mineral oil and qtips.

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