Is my cat suposed to still be nursing her 13 month old kitten?

When is she going to wean her??
The mother will stop nursing when she is ready. As long as the kittens eat good then don't worry about it.
No, normally a cat would stop feeding her kittens once the were onto solid foods at about 2 mths.
Sometimes this happens. If you plan to keep the kitten I wouldn't worry about it. The cats will work it out on their own.
13 months? Are you sure you don't mean weeks?No, i am sure she doesn't have any milk any more, unless she has given birth again in the meantime. I also suppose the kitten has started eating normal food a long time ago. They may be pretending to nurse, as a sign of tenderness. Cats do that evenm when they get older. My cat (3 years old) comes and kneads me while holding my sleeve in his mouth, like nursing, because this is how they show tenderness. That is normal.
No, that's very strange - like a teenage human still breastfeeding!

Kittens are supposed to start weaning from about 4-6 weeks of age and be fully weaned by 8 weeks old. You need to have started offering her kitten food at 4 weeks old.

Does the kitten not eat solid food at all?! She will be quite malnourished if so! Start giving her kitten food NOW when you feed mum. Mother animals will continue to produce milk as long as they're being suckled from, but it's a huge drain on them. Mother cats are supposed to be fed kitten food throughout pregnancy and nursing, so please give both cats kitten food until the younger one (she's hardly a kitten anymore) is fully weaned. Offer them canned kitten food, dry is a bit difficult for kittens to start off with, once she's eating that well you can wean her on to dry food if you want.

Keep them separated for a week or so and let her dry up. This will stop the nursing. Good luck.
not really, but its not a big deal.I remember seeing my cats kittens who were at least 12 months old nursing but i think it was more of a comfort thing for the kitten obviously they don't need mothers milk at that age.My cat eventually started hissing at her kitten whenever she tried to nurse and it stopped.
No, definitely not. But it is not going to hurt the kitten or anything...
no...a 13 month old cat isn't a kitten anymore.
there is not such as thing as a 13 month old Kitten..There is a 1 year old CAT...if he is nursing then let them be..It wont hurt them...But is not normal

P.S. Make sure you have a cat and not a lion or a tiger!! LOL
No, but its ok. I took in a female cat off the street along with her two kittens. One nursed her until he was way over a year old, especially when he seemed a little frightened or insecure. Most mom cats will slap the kitten away, if they don't want them to nurse any longer, but not this cat. It was kind of funny - Mommio only weighs about 8 lbs. but both kittens were whopper boys, the one nursing her weighed 22 lbs at that time. All are spayed/neutered now & no more nursing. It will end in time.
If your cat is still nursing let it be 13 weeks isn't that mature and when she's over the whole Mommy thing she'll let her kitten know...
i HAVE 3 CATS AND 2 ARE KITTENS OF MY OTHER..they used to try and nurse her and your mama cat will start slapping them when the try to get milk,there is no milk left anyway,does the 1yr cat eat food..she should be eating kitten chow with 2drops of water on it to get it a little soft not soggy,,,keep the food out all days and nights as kitty;s only nibble all times, with the food out she will stop this
No, the kittens should have been weened at 6 weeks. My suggestion is to seperate the mother from the kittens for at least 1 week, or until you can tell that her nipples have dried up.
That's perfectly normal. A kitten will nurse as long as the mother will let her, even though they may be eating regular food.
I had a cat who was LARGER than mom that would still would nurse! It's a comfort thing. When the mom is tired of it she will put a stop to it, even though they will keep trying.
Kittens should be weaned when they are around six to eight weeks old. So this really isn't normal. I would suggest that you try seperating the mother and the kitten as much as you can because if the kitten CAN nurse she probably WILL nurse. Start putting kitten food soaked in water in her bowl so that it is easier for her to chew; that might be her problem. Hope I helped.
Good Luck
13 weeks is still young enough to nurse. Perhaps THAT kitty needs more nourishment from MomCat than the others.
When the mommy kitty get tired of her baby tugging on her breasts, she will growl and hiss at her to break her. It sounds like they are very close and maybe there was more than one kitten and mommy is mourning the loss of the others, so she is spoiling this one. I say just let nature take it's course.
woooh she is lovely
well that's just the way it goes. They don't know what a timetable is. They just do what's natural.
it is up to the mother cat for when she is done nursing... usually mother cats stop nursing when they train their kitties how to eat and drink water... sometimes it goes longer, because, depending on the size of her litter, she may have some extra milk that she wants to get rid of...

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