Can I use baby oil to get rid of ear mites for my cat?

I know u can use lin- seed oil and other oils I read. The cat was left with me for two weeks months ago she is very nice but her ears are dirty and she gunk in the corners of her eye all the time all advise will help as long as it is low cost for me thank u
You can try it, but it won't kill all the mites.. They'll just keep multiplying and you'll eventually have to buy the proper medication.
yes, the oil suffocates the mites. lightly coat the inside of the ears
left for two weeks, and that turned into months?
she is your cat now, so get it to the vet for a check-up and shots...
as for cheap/temporary, at home care. get a bowl of warm water, and some cotton balls.. wipe ears gently..
eyes, always go from the center[ inside by the nose] to the outer edge...
a little oil is ok, but try olive oil.. baby oil conatians perfume...
olive oil is ok, if the cat happens to lick it...just put a dab on the cotton ball and wipe the ears gently...
All that will do is make it greasy. You need to get some earmite treatment. You should be able to get some from the petstore quite cheaply and that may do the trick if the problem isn't too bad.
If it's really bad you would need to get some from the vet.
I would get her checked over by a vet...

The ear mite is a common external parasite of the cat. The tiny crab-like parasite can be found living inside the ear canal, a place where a cat is unable to groom. However, the ear mite is not restricted to the ear; it can also be found on the skin in places such as its neck, face and feet. Ear mites are not bloodsuckers but feed on tissue debris and tissue fluids.

Ear mites are very contagious and almost 90% of cats will become infested (Dr. Michael Dryden, Kansas State University Veterinarian). Furthermore, they can pass between species, for example, between a cat and a dog. Humans may also be used as transient carriers to other animals.

Most cats will encounter ear mites at some stage in their life. However, they are more common in kittens and younger cats because they have less of immunity. Young cats are likely to pick up the mites from their mothers.

Severe infestation causes irritation and results in an excessive production of brown wax, thus causing concrete-like encrustations in the ear. This will make the cat scratch and shake his ears causing inflammation or possibly haematoma (ruptured blood vessels which lead to swelling causing permanent crinkling of the ear).

It is essential that a vet carries out an examination of your cat and an accurate diagnosis given. Ear mites are visible by using a magnifying otoscope. The warmth from the light of an otoscope draws the mites out from the ear wax and causes them to move around on the wax.

To treat ear mites the vet will clean the ears and prescribe medication, usually eardrops. The eardrops will kill the adult mites but not their eggs. It is therefore imperative to continue the treatment for at least one month to cover the 21 day cycle of the ear mite. If your cat's skin is affected you will have to apply a topical medication to the skin. Ear mites are very contagious; therefore, all other animals in the home must be treated against them, whether or not they show any signs.

Due to continued irritation from ear mites your cat may suffer from a secondary infection. These infections can be bacterial or fungal. A medication called 'Tresaderm' may be prescribed by your vet to control the mites and yeast infection.

Ear mites should never be left untreated. Failure to treat ear mites could lead to secondary infections or deafness. You can protect your pet against parasite problems with once a month routine ear cleaning.
Good God, don't use linseed oil in your cat's ears- that's b.s.
Plus, it's freakin' poisonous to cats.

You can go to the pet store and get ear mite drops, get a good one.
Use as directed.

The gunk in the eyes is probably the beginning of upper respiratory infection.

That needs an antibiotic, that is about 12 bucks, from the vet's

To help the eyes you need to get terramycin OPTHALMIC
(for eyes only) and apply it two-three times a day. You can get it at any good pet store.

It'll cost you less to go to the vet's NOW than to wait until the cat's so sick you have to...she'll end up needing more treatment than she does now.
its easier just to take her to the vet. instead of letting her sit there in the pain and suffering. it is alot easier to get the right treatment at the right time instead of the wrong treatment at the right time
So how do you know she has ear mites? She may just have gunky ears. That can make them prone to itch. You have to be careful to - the worse they itch the more claw they'll use and they'll cause themselves to bleed in their little ears.

The best thing to do is to take her to the vet to see if they can check for ear mites. Call your friend and see if they are willing to help pay for a vet visit. If not, then there are some things you can do:

It'll be a trick to clean out her ears. Cats like to put their ears flat down so you'll not only have to hold her still but have to pry her ear up as well. I usually wrap mine up in a towel or blanket so only her head is uncoverd. Saves me from claws - since she doesn't understand what I'm doing, only that I'm playing with something that hurts.

First, wet a qu-tip down and clean out her ear. Don't force it in, just clean out the outside and get some of the gunk out of there.

Then you can go a couple of different ways. Peroxide works well and comes in a spray now. You can spray it in her ear - all the way in, and it will break up the gunk and help it to come out while killing infection.

The other thing you can use in lou of ear medicine is something I learned in a pinch. I had a rescue kitty over the holidays. Nothing was open - nothing not even the animal hospital thirty miles away. She had put her claws in her ear and had caused herself to bleed. Her ears were swollen shut and filled with crud. So, I took the only think I had, which was neosporin - I couldn't believe I had no kitty ear medicine nothing - and put a little bit on a qu-tip and swabed her ears. The stuff worked.

The vet was amazed. It healed her ears, and killed the mites. He said it was safe, as long as it is in the ear and in really low, once daily doses which is what I did. It killed all the bacteria, the mites, the infection and healed her wound. It also comes with a pain reliever. You just don't want them to lick it off.

She likes the stuff so much that she'll stand there and let me put in, so it must feel good.
You need to take your cat to the vet to get the proper medication for ear mights. Has your cat been diagnosed with ear mites by a vet? A lot of people think there pet has ear mites when actually it is an ear infection which needs to be treated with medication as well. My advise to you is to take your cat to a vet and tell the vet you need to keep cost down.
Baby oil, mineral oil, or even regular old vegetable oil will suffocate the earmites. Gently clean as much of the "gunk" out of your cats ears as you can. Then dip a Q-tip into the oil and coat the inside of the ear very well with the oil. You need to repeat the process every 3 days for about 2 weeks to completly rid the ears of the mites. To do this more often can cause an infection in the ear, and then you will have no choice but to visit the vet. Also, a warm moist tea bag held to the eye for 5 minutes twice a day will wipe out that eye infection in record time!

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