My cat's tail quivers often. Does anyone know what that means?

I've noticed, my cat's tail quiver too when she approaches me,
my vet said, it's because she is happy to see me."
She has been spayed and it is not a nervous condition, she hides when nervous.
I hope this is the same "good news" for you.
She may be nervous or something.
My tail tends to do the same- LMAO!!
A tom cat's tail will quiver when he sprays, marking his territory. My neutered male cat quivers his tail occasionally but, fortunately, doesn't spray. He seems to do it when he is waiting for his tea.
its because he is marking his territory
nothing that a large doberman couldn't cure
It can be when marking territory (as already stated).
I have also observed it in a cat when the cat was excited, or watching birds in the garden from behind the window.

So, it can be more.
Is it male? They often "quiver" their tails when they're spraying to mark their territory. They go through the motions even after being neutered. My female does it too when she rubs on me, perhaps also part of marking her territory?
when you cats tail quivers I'll bet she is close to a wall or door the females do this when they start to go in heat.Males will do the same thing but they are getting ready to pee or leave there sent females do this but don't pee they let out a get ready to get her fix or if a male get him fixed too
My 2 male cats were neutered at 5 months old and have never sprayed. They quiver they're tails when they are excited or playful. Like just before they pounce on a toy or if they are watching birds out the window.
As weird as it sounds, vets actually say that cats have no control over their tail. They move on their own.
My 2 male cats are both neutered so they know longer spray. Both of their tails quiver when they approach me or see me coming to them. One of them quivers at the tip; the other one quivers his tail at the base.

I've had cats for over 20 years and I completely agree to the poster that said they are happy to see you. It's a greeting much like a dog wags its tail. =^..^=
excitement. mine do this around feeding times or when I get home.
My cat's tail quivers when he is excited about something. Whenever we ask him if he wants his treat, or when we have come home after being gone all day his tail quivers. I think it's cute.
Mine does that so hard you'd swear she's going to make it fall off, it just means she's really happy or excited.
My cat Harley twitches her tail when she is upset.
don't try to figure out why cats do anything they are the boss and if they find out were talking behind their backs were in deep doo doo. cats move their tail. its because he or she wants to that's why.
if they are fixed or not they are spraying you know marking thier territorie

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